5 Simple Ways to Recruit Students!

By Liza Veliz
Psi Beta’s Southwestern Regional Vice President

Every chapter advisor knows that recruiting new student members can be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes we run out of fresh ideas on how to recruit and expand our chapters. The goal of the Advisor-Support Sub-Committee of the Psi Beta National Council is to provide resources, assistance, and fresh ideas on how to enrich your chapter while alleviating some of the challenges to fulfilling your role as a Psi Beta chapter advisor. Here are 5 simple ways to help recruit students to join your local Psi Beta Chapter.

    • Create a bulletin board display in a high-trafficked place to showcase your chapter by displaying pictures, membership information, meeting times, and calendar of events.
    • Prepare a two-minute talk on the value of joining Psi Beta and present in psychology courses in your department.
    • Write an article for your college paper on a successful chapter project.
    • Participate in organized activities with other student organizations.
    • Create a membership committee to focus on new ways to bring in members.

Find more ideas look under the Chapter Resources page on the Psi Beta website or visit https://psibeta.org/chapter-resources/.  If you have some successful recruitment strategies, we welcome you to share them with us and other chapter advisors!


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