A Call for Advisor Presenters

By Robin Musselman
Psi Beta’s President-Elect

What comes to your mind when you think about teaching innovations? – Visual syllabus – Knowledge curves – Case based-learning – Problem-based learning – Advanced organizers – Inquiry learning – Cognitive apprenticeship  – Self-regulated learning – Intelligent tutoring systems – Virtual reality – Animated pedagogical agents – Game learning – Reciprocal teaching – Academic detailing – Intentional learning – Just-in-time learning – Inter-teaching – Personal learning logs – Peer supported learning groups – Service learning – Teach back – Learning Communities –

I’m certain that if you thought long enough you could add to this list, but perhaps what should come to mind when you think about innovations in teaching is revolutions in learning!  If you find yourself adapting, modifying, and otherwise changing your strategies for teaching, it’s probably because you have a passion for ensuring that your students are learning.

Become part of the teaching and learning revolution and share your strategies and how they benefit student learning. Be on our annual Psi Beta / STP Symposium on Teaching and Learning during the APA Conference in Washington, D.C. in August 2011.  Send your title, name, institutional affiliation, and a brief abstract to the Psi Beta National Council C/O Dr. Jerry Rudmann, Executive Director of Psi Beta, at jrudmann@ivc.edu Applications must be received by December, 10, 2010.

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