Psi Beta Launches the Anne Anastasi Award

Psi Beta is pleased to announce the launch of the Anne Anastasi Award, in memory of the legendary Professor Anne Anastasi (1908-2001).

After completing her PhD at age 21 in 1930, Dr. Anastasi’s 71-year career was one of the most diverse and extraordinary in the history of psychological science. She did it all: a gifted teacher (at Fordham University, 1947-1979), prolific researcher (author of three major textbooks), brilliant consultant in psychometrics, and popular leader (President of the American Psychological Association in 1972). She received the APA Gold Medal in 1984, and was the first person to receive the National Medal of Science in Psychology–presented by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 (Takooshian, 2012).

Like Psi Beta advisors, Dr. Anastasi was known as a professor who had a great heart for promoting excellence in her students–many of whom became leaders in psychology. Dr. Anastasi explained to friends that radium treatment for her ovarian cancer left her childless at a young age, so she came to regard her students and colleagues as her family. Before her death in 2001, she personally established the Anne Anastasi Charitable Foundation, to be sure to channel her wealth directly to worthy individuals. To do this, Dr. Anastasi hand-picked her long-time friend Jonathan Galente to head her Foundation. Mr. Galente funded a series of new Anne Anastasi Awards after coping with a few law suits from 2001-2008, working with Dr. Anastasi’s colleague, Professor Harold Takooshian. In October of 2014, Mr. Galente issued a $10,000 donation–the largest in Psi Beta’s 33-year history– to fund Psi Beta student/faculty awards, including a new Anne Anastasi Award designed by the Psi Beta Council. Details of the new Anastasi Scholarship Award program will be announced by early January on the Psi Beta national website.

Reference: Takooshian, H. (2012). Anne Anastasi. In Robert W. Rieber (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories. New York: Springer.

PHOTOS: (1) Anne Anastasi (2) Jonathan Galente, Director of the Anastasi Foundation, received an APA award for his efforts to preserve Anastasi’s legacy. (3) In 1987, Dr. Anastasi received the National Medal of Science at a White House ceremony.  (4) The Psi Beta Anne Anastasi Award medal.

Anne Anastasi




Anne Anastasi (1908-2001). In her legendary 71-career from 1930-2001, Anastasi became a key architect of psychological testing in the 20th Century, through her 200 books and other publications, 49 years of teaching, consulting with the College Board, and the Presidency of the American Psychological Association (1972). Anastasi’s classic book Psychological Testing appeared in seven editions in at least 12 languages between 1954 and 1996. Anastasi graduated Barnard (BA, 1928) and Columbia (PhD, 1930, at age 21), then taught at Barnard (1930-1939), Queens College (1939-1947) and Fordham (1947-1979), worked with her husband John P. Foley, and remained active till her passing in 2001. Anastasi’s many awards included the APA Gold Medal (1984), and the first National Medal of Science in Psychology in 1987, presented by President Ronald Reagan. Anastasi loved psychology, and established the Anne Anastasi & John P. Foley Foundation, for her sizable estate to benefit psychology, its students, and worthy causes—including this APA Award to encourage excellence in psychology students. [Photo above, courtesy of Anne’s friend and executor Jonathan Galente]







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