Anne Anastasi Research Paper and Conference Travel Scholarship Competition

Through this scholarship competition, we are pleased to commemorate Anne Anastasi’s enduring and lasting contribution to psychology and psychometric theory and procedures.

Please read over the requirements and note the required agreement form that must be submitted with your application. When ready with your research paper and the agreement form, click on the gold button at the bottom to apply and upload your files.


All active Psi Beta student members are eligible. Papers with more than one author will be accepted, but the primary author must be an active Psi Beta student member. Members already in possession of a baccalaureate degree are not eligible.


Primary authors of three outstanding original psychological research papers written in APA style will win certificates to recognize their achievement. The top two winners are eligible for the Anne Anastasi APA Travel Scholarship and will present their research at the annual APA conference. The third-place winner will receive $300. Psi Beta will award cash awards to the first or second place winner who is unable to attend the APA conference. Please see the details regarding the Anne Anastasi APA Travel Scholarship. Each winner will receive an award certificate.  For jointly written papers, only the primary author will receive the award. Co-authors, who are Psi Beta members, will receive certificates of recognition. Psi Beta will announce all winners at the APA national convention, on, and in the fall newsletter.

Research Papers

Research papers must describe research that involves data gathering.  Papers featuring literature reviews but without data collection will not be accepted for judging. Eligible papers may use any of the following research methods: Case study, naturalistic observation, survey, correlational or experimental design. References will be checked carefully for accuracy and format.


  • The research topic must be psychological.
  • The research must involve gathering and analysis of data.
  • The study must comply with the APA Code of Ethics.
  • Each paper should include an abstract.
  • The writing style must conform to the manuscript instructions in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Edition, 2020). Papers must conform to APA style to undergo judging.
  • The paper must include at least five current, primary references. See the APA manual for proper reference format for primary and secondary sources.
  • The paper must be between 5 and 15 double-spaced pages of narrative. Figures, tables, reference page, any appendices, and abstract do not count toward the 15 – page maximum. Submissions exceeding 15 pages of the narrative will not be accepted.
  • Must use at least 10 point font with 24 points of line spacing (leading).
  • A digital copy must be sent to the national office to prepare it for judging. Psi Beta will remove the author(s) and college identification for blind judging purposes.
  • The student(s) and faculty advisor must sign the cover sheet. The primary author must submit a statement that affirms that all members of the research team involved with the paper were informed of and gave the approval to (1) submit the paper in the primary author’s name to the competition, (2) be listed as a co-author or co-researcher and (3) the plan, if any, for distributing any prize money that the paper may win, and (4) that none of the co-authors has completed a baccalaureate degree by the end of the spring term of the paper’s submission. The statement must be signed by all members of the research team and the advisor.
  • The required form that must accompany each submission: Student and Faculty Agreement form


Must be received by May 15th (11:55 PM EDT) or sooner. We will not accept for judging submissions received after May 15th. See below for a link to the online form. Applicants must complete the online application form to provide contact information, then upload 2 PDF files. One file will be a PDF version of the applicant’s research paper. The other file will be a completed advisor/student agreement form.

Judging of Entries

Judging will be completed blind by judges appointed by the Psi Beta Research Paper Committee. Judges will base scores on writing ability, compliance with APA’s style manual (7th Edition) (e.g., abstract, heading format, citations, references, table and figure format), and novelty. Judges will not review papers that fail to conform to APA style.

For APA format pointers and links see APA style rules and guidelines.

Questions? Email Jerry Rudmann, Executive Director, at or use our contact form.


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