APA Summit on National Assessment of Psychology

An Executive Summary from the APA


The Summit on National Assessment of Psychology represented an opportunity to bring together national experts in teaching and learning scholarship to address the challenges related to implementing the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major: Version 2.0.  A three-day invitational summit transpired at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to make progress on helping faculty and departments who are facing accountability demands and who also want to provide improved learning experiences for their students.  The event was inspired and managed by APA’s Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate Education (CABE), with support from the APA Education Directorate. Funding was provided by National Science Foundation, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, the APA Board of Educational Affairs, Psi Beta and Psi Chi.

At the event, 48 scholars participated in one of seven groups with the intention of producing a repository of best practice strategies for assessing learning in psychology programs and classrooms.  The groups included five “domain” groups that concentrated on how to deliver strategies that corresponded to the five major goals highlighted in Guidelines 2.0 and two “program level” groups that examined issues related to the delivery of the AA and the BA/BS, respectively.  The groups that met during the Summit were as follows:

  • Content
  • Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking
  • Social and Ethical Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Professional Development
  • AA Program
  • BA/BS Program



After the summit, the groups each developed

1) an executive summary to capture the highlights and future directions of each group;

2) their best exemplars that captured accessible, efficient, and effective assessment strategies;

3) a “bonus” section to capture any other emerging ideas or assessments that might have some value to development of assessment in their assigned area; and

4) a timeline and assignments for future contributions.

CABE members committed to working with APA and other constituent groups for display and distribution of ideas.  At the closing session, SNAP participants developed a dissemination plan. As SNAP’s products (i.e., a rich source of learning assessment tools and strategies) become available through a SNAP resource website, Psi Beta will send out announcements to all chapter advisors.

[Editor’s note: Bryan Gerber, Katherine Wickes, and Jerry Rudmann represented Psi Beta at the SNAP event held at the University of Wisconsin, Green-Bay in June, 2016.]


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