Attention Advisors: Registering New Students & Shipping Charges

Submitting New Membership Orders & Shipping Charges 

Submitting new member orders to Psi Beta is one of the most important things demanded of Psi Beta’s advisors.  We’ve tried to make the registration process as convenient, efficient and error-free as possible. Please keep the following information in mind when placing your order:

Submit batch orders whenever possible –When submitting new membership orders for induction ceremonies, advisors should try to make one complete order that includes all the members to be inducted for that particular semester. Submitting a series of multiple orders delays processing time, increases your shipping charges, and often creates invoicing problems for both Psi Beta and your community college.

Give the National Office sufficient lead time – Please remember to submit your orders 2 weeks prior to your anticipated induction ceremony. This allows us processing time, shipping time, and time for your school’s mail delivery system to navigate your package to your office.

Be sure we have your correct campus mail address on file– The advisor who places orders can always log on to the Psi Beta advisor portal to check and, if necessary, update his or her college mailing address. Some advisors are choosing to have their orders sent to their homes to eliminate possible mail delivery problems that occur at the school. Please feel free to use an alternative address.

Double check students’ names for accurate spelling– Please keep in mind that the student names submitted with orders are printed on certificates and ID cards with the exact spelling that was submitted on the original invoice. Our system can not run a spell check to verify the spelling of students’ names. Please try to verify the spelling of every name prior to submitting your invoice. If a typo is made please feel free to email Jenelle Beazley and she will be happy to fix it for you. But once a certificate is printed, there is a $10 replacement charge.

An alternative registration system is nearing a launch date– Psi Beta is in the process of creating an online student portal, which will allow students to enter their own contact information. This new feature should serve to decrease the number of improperly spelled names and will also decrease the amount of time advisors have to spend preparing registration orders.  As soon as this new, optional, system is available, you will be notified by email.

Shipping fees – In addition, Psi Beta is implementing a $5 shipping fee for each order that is submitted, regardless of the number of students that are being inducted. The priority flat rate mail system we use does not weigh the packages, so if you induct one student or twenty, our costs are the same. If you submit three separate orders you will be assessed the shipping charge three times.

Thank you for your understanding and please email Jenelle Beazley ( if you have any questions about these procedures.


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