Psi Beta Awards!

TYPES OF AWARDS – Psi Beta offers awards for a variety of different competitions. If you or your chapter have engaged in any community service projects during the 2016-17 academic year, consider entering the chapter or individual Community Service Award competition. Has your chapter conducted an event that has enriched the life of your college? If so, consider entering the College Life Award competition. There also is the Building Bonds Award that recognizes an activity in which a Psi Beta chapter has collaborated with a Psi Chi chapter. Has your chapter’s faculty advisor done an exemplary job for your chapter? If so, consider nominating her or him for the Faculty Advisor Award. If your chapter has been especially active, it may qualify for Chapter Excellence recognition. Note that all chapters meeting the chapter excellence criteria can qualify for the Chapter Excellence Award and shine a positive spotlight on their chapter! Finally, there is the Student Research Paper competition which, for some winners, can result in a scholarship to attend and participate in the APA’s annual convention in Washington, DC.

APPLICATION DEADLINES – Except for the Student Research Paper competition, all applications are due by June 1st. The Student Research Paper competition’s deadline is May 15th.

NEW ONLINE APPLICATION PREDURE THIS YEAR – This year we are changing over to an online only application procedure. That is – for each award, applicants must complete an online application form. If the award requires additional files (e.g., letter of support, a project description, other evidence), we will provide a way for the applicant to upload PDF files. Psi Beta plans to have the new application procedure in place by May 1st.  With that in mind, members applying to the research paper competition will have May 1st to May 15th to enter their papers. The application period of all other competitions will be from May 1st to June 1st. Please do NOT send any paper copy application materials to Psi Beta – they will not be judged – only applications submitted via the online procedure will be judged.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE – Psi Beta’s competitions are open to all Psi Beta members. The one exception is the student research paper competition: students who have completed more than 75 semester units (or 112 quarter units) by the end of the spring term of this year are not eligible for this competition.

DETAILS – Read more about the types of competitions, the awards that accompany them, and the judging criteria at the Psi Beta website:


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