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Carroll Community College Scholarship Success

Here at Carroll Community College we have had a busy and productive semester. We are most proud that, through our fund raiser events, we have been able to increase our chapter’s Psi Beta Transfer Scholarship from awarding one $300.00 scholarship in 2012 to awarding two $500.00 transfer scholarships this year!

We first established the Carroll Community College Psi Beta Transfer Scholarship last year and it has really helped to promote our chapter on campus and has been a major motivator to get members active since only active members are eligible to win this scholarship. This year our scholarship recipients will be awarded their scholarships on stage at Commencement! This will also serve to make our chapter more visible both on campus and in the community.

What better way to promote and reward active membership than to reinforce leadership and stewardship through helping our members financially as they pursue their academic goals!

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