Chapter News from Cerritos College Psi Beta

The new spring semester was off to a great start. Psi-beta/Psychology Club’s first event included Club information day. This event allowed us to promote our chapter, and give a quick briefing to students interested in getting involved on campus. Due to a great success from club information day and excellent promotion of events and activities to come, we are proud to announce the Cerritos Psychology club chapter will be inducting nineteen new members this semester. The first meeting was filled with friendly welcoming from the cabinet as well as a formal introduction to our three advisors, Drs. K. Duff, J. Ronquillo, and T. Gaffaney. An ice breaker was held after advisor introductions, with elections following to fill the rest of the cabinet positions. Once all positions were filled, organizing our semester events became the main focus with fundraisers, guest speakers, and psychology day planning on the agenda. Fundraising kicked off at a local pizza parlor outing (Shakey’s) to help raise funds and foster a sense of community and kinship within the club members. Next fundraising event was a Valentine’s Day bake sale, where members donated baked goods to sell on campus. The club is also involved in raising funds to help students attend this WPA in Portland, Oregon. There are six Cerritos College students who will attend and present their research at WPA. We also have an ongoing wallet drive in which students have to opportunity to donate new/used wallets or purses to the Mental Health facility, The Village located in Long Beach. The club had guest speakers including an alumni panel to talk about the transfer process and their personal experiences. We have also had a guest speaker, Sociology Professor Pirtle, speak on the topic sex communication. Last, but not least, Psi-Beta/psychology has especially taken pride in planning Cerritos College’s first Psychology Day to be held April 11th and is dedicating special meetings towards the planning in regards to registration, publicity for the event, food and social hour. The event will include presentations from faculty at UCI, CSULB and Cerritos College alumni.


Spring 2014 inductees (19)

  • Michael Arambula
  • Marnie Acilla
  • Josephine Diaz
  • Steven Hernandez
  • Belinda Hernandez
  • Raeshema Holland
  • Humberto Juarez
  • Yazmin Martinez
  • Nataly Monrreal
  • Karla Saucedo
  • Christine Soneriu
  • Cesar Torres
  • Traneaka Turner
  • Amineh Beltran
  • Nadia Rendon
  • Lashanae Spirlin
  • Freddie Aikey
  • Perris Edwards
  • Aldo Lopez

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