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Chapter Activities

Ammerman Chapter, Suffolk County Community College

President, Kellie Gunning; Vice President, De’Anna Freeman; Treasurer, Christina O’Shaughnessy; Faculty Advisor, Claire N Rubman; Secondary Advisors include Professors Harry Rooney, Joe Vollero, and Nelly Sta Maria.

Chapter Activities: This has been a phenomenal year for our newly formed Chapter. We inducted 9 students at our first Induction Ceremony in April. Congratulations to all of our inductees: Celestine Allen, Ashley Baal, De’Anna Freeman* (Vice President), Kellie Gunning* (President), Meagan Lyons*, Danielle Manri, Danielle Mayars, Christina O’Shaughnessy (Treasurer), and Brenda Truesdell (*denotes Charter Member). Professor Harry Rooney, our Psi Beta mentor, organized the entire ceremony with great expertise and attention to detail. The Suffolk County Community College Association was kind enough to purchase our Chapter Banner which was proudly displayed throughout our ceremony. Our fundraising for this, our inaugural year, began with a well orchestrated bake sale that raised over $240 for a local, needy animal shelter in Calverton, NY. Our members baked a fantastic array of cookies and cakes. Christina O’Shaughnessy, our Chapter Treasurer toured the shelter and presented the check on our behalf. Dr. Nelly Sta Maria worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure that this project was successful.

Our Chapter is also hosting a lecture series that began in April with a presentation about the neurobiology of addiction. Dr. Joe Vollero organized our guest speaker from Brookhaven National Labs here on Long Island, New York. We are also working with our Psychology Club on Campus to help one of our local food kitchens – Pax Christie. There is an ongoing food drive for all of our Psychology and Social Science students. Our first field trip this year was a trip to Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center for our students. This trip was in conjunction with the Psychology Club. Our very own, Dr. Tom Coleman organized this tour and related discussion.  It is wonderful to have 4 faculty members co-advising our Chapter.  We look forward to another productive year next year.

Carroll Community College

Officers: President, Diane Green; Vice President, Ashley Romagosa; Secretary, Ashley Romagosa; Faculty Advisor, Laura Bittner; Secondary Advisor, Colleen Spoonire.

Chapter Activities: We have had a very active and productive academic year. Most importantly, our year has been successful because we have had more consistent active members participate in our meetings and activities than any other year since we started our chapter! This is indeed good news. We have planned many fundraiser events including a Basket Bingo which brought in about $3000.00 for our chapter funds. We have also held numerous bake sales, a Tastefully Simple fundraiser, and sponsored a “Film, Food, and Discussion” movie night where we viewed “The Soloist” followed by a discussion. Although there was no cost to come see the film, we sold hotdogs and drinks to raise money for our chapter.

As for community service projects, we held our annual “Hospice Bears Drive”, and our Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays project. This year we were able to fill the wish list of two needy families in the community. We held a sweat clothes drive to donate to the Cold Weather Shelter and plan, once again, to form a team for the Annual NAMI Walk this spring. Our biggest community service event will be held this April. We are sponsoring the “Lines of Love” event on campus. “Lines of Love” is an organization formed to increase awareness about teen and young adult suicide. They also raise awareness of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and substance abuse. The organization was formed in memory of two students in the community who took their own life in recent years. The event will include speakers, live music, depression screening, an information booth, “Lines of Love” bracelet making, free pizza and sodas and a bake sale to help raise funds for Lines of Love. Five of our chapter members were also able to raise money to attend the 4th Annual Psychology Synergy Conference in Venice, Florida last November. We had a great time and the conference was inspiring.

Navarro College, TX

Officers: President, Brett Morris; Vice President, Lindsay Fallen; Secretary, Audrey Branscum; Treasurer; Crystal Sessions; Nicole Patterson, SGA; Faculty Advisor, Tom Vance; Secondary Advisor, C. Todd Kirk.

Chapter Activities: The Navarro College chapter was involved with 2009 homecoming activities in October. We donated time and effort to the Navarro County Humane Society and animal adoptions in November. Some of the adopted-out dogs will be trained to become companion animals for some of the senior rest homes in Corsicana. We were also involved with donating food items to the Corsicana Food Pantry prior to Christmas. During the spring, we have been involved with donating supplies to the Corsicana Animal Shelter. We have had only one fund raiser for the chapter treasury and it included a bake sale. We have combined our chapter meetings with those of the Navarro College Psychology Club and have been involved with taped workshops. We also have nominated a member for the prestigious Mr. & Ms Navarro College (MC) Award, but the results have not yet been announced. We have had weekly meetings on Fridays at 11:30 am to discuss various events and community service ideas. We also have a member who attended a meeting of the Navarro County Depression and Bipolar Group. The chapter will bestow an honorary membership to a faculty member (Mrs. Sherri Beck) as a guest speaker during its spring induction.

Palm Beach State College-Eissey Campus (photo below)

<p>Palm Beach State College-Eissey </p> <p>

Palm Beach State College-Eissey

Officers: President, Christine Mesa; Vice President, Spencer Middleton; Secretary, Lissbeth Contreras; Faculty Advisor, Gisela Diaz.

Chapter Activities: Here are the types of meetings and activities we have done as a chapter, described in chronological order. We started with a “Show of Interest Meeting” early in the academic year. We then met for a brainstorming meeting for an AIDs event. The chapter participated in National Domestic Violence Awareness Day.  We hosted a lecture on “What it takes to be a mental health professional.” The group attended the grand opening celebration and party for the new campus library. On October 23, we participated in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” – a domestic violence awareness event. The next day, we attended the Family Fall Festival party. Dr. Wihbey, the Eissey Campus provost, visited and talked about the different subjects one can learn about in psychology. Our fall induction ceremony was on Saturday, October 31st at the Crazy Buffet. We then attended the Psi Beta/Psi Chi Synergy Conference on November 6th and 7th in Venice, Florida. Our chapter participated in World AIDS Day on December 1st. We helped the college community celebrate when our college’s name changed from Palm Beach Community College to Palm Beach State College. The Welcome Back Rush was on January 12th. We hosted a forum with professor Diaz called, Calling all Psychology and Social Work Majors. Our chapter participated in the college-wide Haiti Relief Effort on January 21st.  On February 5th we met to enter research data into the Psi Beta National Research Project data entry site. On February 26th we attended the Talent Show at Lake Worth. On March 22nd Dr. Carroll lectured on “Sex Around the World.”  Dr. Carroll had spoken at the Synergy Conference and we invited her to campus to speak so we could better inform the college about her work. We did some fundraising so we could bring Dr. Carroll to the college. On March 28th we participated in the Florida AIDS Walk. As you can see, we are a very active chapter!

Quinsigamond Community College (several photos)

<p>Quinsigamond Community College </p> <p>

Quinsigamond Community College

Officers: President, Kelly McGuirk; Vice President and Secretary, Hillary Robertson; Treasurer, Yuka Sato; Other Officer, Philip Trimby, Past President; Advisor, Sandra England; Secondary Advisor, Mike Vallante.

Chapter Activities: The Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) Psi Beta Group ran their Annual “Walk, Run or Roll Event” to benefit the American Cancer Society on Friday, November 6, 2009, from 2 to 4 p.m., under the guidance of their President, Kelly McGuirk. This year the group extended both the depth of participation on the QCC Campus and the width of participation within the state with the addition of Bridgewater State College’s Psi Chi group developing a parallel event and participating at their own site.

One of our Past Presidents of Psi Beta and the psychology club, Stefanie Morgan, who has graduated and matriculated into a double major at Bridgewater State College, and who is a member in their Psi Chi and Student Government Groups, developed Bridgewater’s 1st “Walk, Run or Roll Event”. This parallel event was modeled after ours and ran simultaneously with the QCC Psi Beta Chapter’s Event. Their proceeds were sent to us and were added to the QCC donation to the Worcester Chapter of the American Cancer Society, also. This year’s on-campus collaboration increased with the involvement of many of our college groups, such as: the psychology club, human service club, nursing clubs, some members of Phi Theta Kappa, and past Student Senators, in addition to faculty, staff, and a few members of the surrounding community.

<p>Quinsigamond Community College </p> <p>

Quinsigamond Community College

In this, our 2nd-year for the event, there was a huge boost in the amount of participants. These wonderful supporters have generated an overall donation to the American Cancer Society over the past two years, of over $3,500.00. We couldn’t be more pleased or feel more connected to our community than our joint involvement in this altruistic effort to help others in need. The Psi Beta group initiated several rather novel approaches to motivate potential walkers and supporters to become involved in their project, this year. They developed a marketing plan utilizing a “Human Billboard,” colorful T-shirts, and give-aways of water, a refrigerator magnet creation, and the participant’s choice of ribbon, based upon which type of cancer they were walking to cure. The billboards and t-shirts were created by Sarah Flynn, and Ruth McLaughlin, the psychology club secretary and vice president, and both future Psi Beta members. The water was donated by the Pepsi Company and procured by our Psi Beta Treasurer, Yuka Sato. For Yuka’s first time soliciting a major company, she hit a homerun, with twenty cases of water donated. The members took turns wearing the billboard into all of the campus offices, buildings, walkways, dining areas, etc. All of their advertising ideas proved to be very effective. Member News: Stefanie Morgan is a Psi Chi member at Bridgewater State College. She is Past-President of the Psi Beta and Psychology Club at Quinsigamond Community College.

<p>Quinsigamond Community College </p> <p>

Quinsigamond Community College

Saddleback College

Officers: President, Kinga Rutynowski; Vice President, Nik Zbikowski; Faculty Advisor, Kris Leppien-Christensen; Secondary Advisor, Amira Rezec Wegenek.

Chapter Activities: Our club’s main activities this semester included the following: 1) Our club has volunteered at the local Second Harvest food bank, a charity dedicated to alleviating the hunger problem and raising awareness of this issue. 2) Our group incorporated social activities such as Psychology Jeopardy into some of the official club meetings. 3) Three students in our club have participated in a research project investigating potential personality differences between psychology majors and students enrolled as non-psychology majors under the direction of Dr. Wegenek. 4) The club has also participated in many campus activities. One of these included Multicultural Day, in which the club represented Antarctica and presented research from Antarctica. 5) Our chapter is currently working on organizing the fifteenth annual Psychology Research Conference for Southern California Community Colleges, to be held on May 1st, 2010. This conference will include guest speakers and a student research poster session.

Member News: Christina Mohajerani has graduated from UCLA started the PsyD program at Alliant University (induction date 2006). Cristy Sotomayer has entered California State University at Fullerton and is involved in various research projects in biological psychology (induction 2007). Misty Southall has graduated from UC Irvine and is entering graduate school at the University of Southern California (USC) (induction 2006). Dmitry Kogan has graduated from UC Irvine and is entering law school (induction 2005). Justin Gille has graduated from UC Irvine and is employed with Farmer’s insurance (induction 2005). Mary Jo Raslowsky has graduated from UC Irvine and is enrolled in the Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling program at California State University at Fullerton (induction 2005). Lauren Migliore graduated from UC Irvine, where she worked at the UCI Medical Center testing the brains of schizophrenics through EEG. She is spending a year abroad in France before applying to graduate programs in Biological Psychology (induction 2005).

San Diego Mesa College

Officers: President, Jessica Baidwan; Vice President, Petra Ostermunchner; Secretary, Edith Khalsa; Treasurer, Derek Ray; Inter-Club Council Representative, Gaelle Nicolussi; Human Relations and Historian, Babel Carlota; Faculty Advisor, Jaye Van Kirk.

Chapter Activities: The San Diego Mesa College Psi Beta chapter has participated in some amazing activities this semester. Our chapter hosted V.S. Ramachandran M.D/Ph.D. Ramachandran is Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition and professor with the Psychology Department and Neurosciences Program at the University of California, San Diego, and adjunct Professor of Biology at the Salk Institute. He is known for his works on phantom limbs and is famous for his book “Phantoms in the Brain” which has been translated to nine different languages. Dr. Ramachandran gave a lecture on “What Neurology Can Tell Us About Human Nature” as part of the San Diego Science Festival. His appearance brought a large turnout from both students and faculty of multiple disciplines such as biology, philosophy sociology, and psychology. Another very large accomplishment of the San Diego Mesa College chapter was our participation in the San Diego Science Festival Expo Day. Expo Day was held on March 27th, 2010 at Petco Park. Thousands of people in the San Diego area attended this festival. Psi Beta had a series of hands-on activities to showcase the theme “Excite Your Mind” and how that related to psychology. We had several activities including visual inversion, attention blindness, mirror tracing task, visual illusions and the “Stroop effect.” Our chapter wanted to educate the public about the discipline of psychology.

Truman College, Chicago, IL

Officers:  President, Dean Carvalho; Vice President, Benjamin Igbo; Secretary, Katie Clancy; Treasurer, Emilsa Perez; Other Officer, Ryan Dahms, Public Relations; Faculty Advisor, Olga Ruiz.

Chapter Activity: Our service activity was “Warming Our Families” – A winter accessories drive for the children of Truman College Day Care. We are collecting new hats, scarves, mittens, and socks for the remainder of the semester.

Union County College, NJ

Officers: President, Genna Preston; Vice President, Robyn M. Samuel; Secretary, Corrinne Johnson; Treasurer, Geraldine Browne; Isabel Calero,VP of Service/Fundraising; Patricia Smoot, VP of Recruitment/Publicity; Faculty Advisor, Albert Bramante.

Fall 2009 Activities: Raised $400 for Ronald McDonald Foundation; Raised $500 for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; Inducted 45 new members. Spring 2010 Activities: Raised $2,800+ for the Haiti Relief Effort; Attended the Eastern Psychological Association Annual Convention in Brooklyn, NY; Will be inducting 60 new members; Will be holding a Diversity seminar on Friday April 23rd; Will be holding our Second Annual Talent Show in May.

Member News: Mindi Norelli (inducted May 1st, 2008) joined Psi Chi at Drew University and will be receiving her BA this year. Genna Preston (inducted April 14, 2009) is the current Psi Beta president. Genna received a $500 scholarship from union County College!

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