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Report from the Cerritos College Chapter

The spring 2013 semester started off with our first official meeting on January 22nd, which was promoted through word-of-mouth, and a newsletter sent out to members, peers, and school officials to distribute. It was a sold out event, where we recruited at least twenty five new members who were introduced, along with the existing members, to the mission of our chapter, our elected cabinet members, advisors, past events and achievements, and the agenda for the semester. Elections were also held for treasurer, and all persons in attendance were encouraged to run. We promoted participation by having current and past cabinet members to share their experiences to provide a first-hand account. Elections for all open positions were held at subsequent meetings.
To recruit members and to spread the mission of our club, our Psi Beta chapter at Cerritos College has participated in many on-campus events including Club Info Day, Blood Drive, Spring Festival, and the Senior Preview Day. Club Info Day is an on-campus event to recruit new members to the club by informing students about what the chapter stands for, and how they can become a member. We had over 60 new students sign up to receive our newsletters, and have had a growing attendance at every chapter meeting. This semester, our chapter is proud to be inducting 10 new students into Psi Beta! As a club we tend to promote on-campus events, and encourage our members to participate and donate blood during the week-long blood drive events. Spring Festival is an event where all clubs manage their own game booths to fund-raise for their cause, and our club had great participation from its members who volunteered to run our friendly fish bowl toss booth to generate money for our students. To support scholarship and research, we have held two bake sales and a massage event targeted to help students attend this year’s WPA, where they presented their student research posters.
In order to connect with peers with mutual goals, we understand that it is important for peers to connect in different social environments. Going forth with this idea, we hosted a Social Outing/Potluck at a local park. It is a fun and interactive environment where students gets to connect with one another and find potential friends who they might room with once they transfer to a four year school.
Social Psych Student Present (Action Learning) on February 19:
Our chapter also hosted an Alumni Panel, where our members got the chance to listen to inspiring and motivational journeys of students who had gone through Cerritos College over to four-year universities, and how their participation in the club/chapter had helped them to be prepared for the challenges ahead. With their guidance, our members were able to learn about resources available on campus, how to plan their personal statements, financial aid questions, research opportunities, internships and more.
This past semester we have held many educational events. Mrs. Viola Gaffaney, an M.F.T., presented on “Treatment for The Severely Mentally Ill.” In her presentation Mrs. Gaffeney chose to educate the club on the mental illnesses she worked with on a daily basis: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Her advice of patience and consideration was truly meaningful for all those interested in going into the field and she created a lasting effect on all present with a group activity, in which one student worked on a math problem while the remaining group members whispered and distracted the individual..
On March 19 we had one of the most heart felt meetings of the year. Guest Speaker, Dora Jacildo, executive director of “Children Today” came to speak to the club about her nonprofit organization. She explained to us just exactly what her or organization did (helping homeless children under the age of 6, and their families to gain a stable living environment specifically for the children) she explained to us how being homeless and having an unstable living environment can be detrimental to the psychological progression of a child. Jacildo shared a couple of stories that explained to us that the facility was the first real foundation that most of the children had ever felt, and after listening to everything she had to say, our club continued with their campaign to raise the basic necessities these children need. The drive is currently going on and is informing and calling on students to help with donations of the necessities.
On March 20 we held the “Kneeding our way to WPA” massage fundraiser!
A very interesting and memorable tour was held in March as the Psi Beta chapter along with the Active Minds club of Cerritos College had the opportunity to visit MHA Village. This facility is located in Long Beach CA, and is specifically designed to help the homeless community of Long Beach get back on their feet and into a stable living environment. Many of their clients suffer from mental illnesses, and the facility provides many resources needed to propel them forward. The facility is a beautiful, not only in its architecture and organized environment, but in how it is structured to help. The attitude of the staff is that of a motivating friend. Their open door policy is a great reflection as to how open and welcoming the facility and staff are.
April 1st WPA bake sale.
Every semester the club has at least one Workshop this year’s work shop was presented by Dr. Yong on April 5.  His presentation was cleverly titled “Effects of Love via technology.” Dr. Yong’s talk was a thoughtful assessment of life and raised the question as to how technology is eroding the genuine ties that an interpersonal conversation creates. Yong had much to say about love, and how we are not only hostile to each other but to those we care for most. At the end of his presentation, he continued to speak with students of just about all aspects of love.
On April 6 the club presented two guest speaker’s who are working on a project called “Operation outreach.” This project was designed to further unite and strengthen the students, clubs and faculty of the campus. The speakers informed us of the coming events such as earth day and global community day. The speakers instilled the spirit of working together.
April 16, guest speaker was Dr. Gaffaney.
Our last volunteer opportunity of the semester was held on April 20. The Psi Beta club went to volunteer at the Metropolitan State Hospital, local to the campus; the Hospital is a large compound with various buildings on the premises which are unique to the different needs of the patients. The building in which the volunteers stayed had its own court yard, which is where all the entertainment is held. After interacting with patients for what seemed like only minutes, the first round of bingo began. During the stimulating game of bingo, winners had the opportunity to collect prizes that the club members had brought. After countless rounds of bingo and face painting, the patients enjoyed refreshments. After just a few more minutes of interaction time they were escorted back into their facility.
Our last Guest Speaker was on April 23. Brittany Ludeen a transfer counselor informed our club of the in’s and out’s of transferring. With highly motivating words she gave us a few tips, and sites and scholarships we should look out for. And with questions being absorbed and answered, many left satisfied.
On April 24, CSULB held their annual Psych Day, where our members who had done research had the opportunity to present their findings. Several of our cabinet members did attended planning meetings for this even. They also gained insight as to what would need to be done to create a Psych Day of our own at Cerritos. We were advised to start small and let the event grow each year. Psych Day was an awesome event!
April 30 – cabinet elections.
May – Psi Beta Induction

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