Chapter Activities

The first of your activity’s started off with club info day 1/29. All clubs from Cerritos College were given a booth, and had the opportunity to speak with student and let them know what their particular club is about. This event creates interest in new or potential club members.
Cabinet Elections were held on 2/05, the week following club info day. All club members are influenced to run, those who are generally more enthusiastic to be involved step forward and give a quick presentation of who they are, why they would like the position, and what they can do for the club. After all candidates have had their chance to speak, they all exit the room, and each individual member of the club writes their elected person on a ballot. The president and vice presidents tally the votes and only after all candidates have reentered the room is the winner announced
The week of 2/11-2/14 is just the first of many Blood Drive’s that the campus holds. As an influence to the members the club kindly asks to those who are able to donate their blood.
Many of our club member enjoy to associate with each other out side of psychology club but to keep the up most cohesiveness thought the club we held a Social Outing on 2/16 at a park local to our campus. It we made it a potluck, and had an enjoyable time playing frizbee and football, along with a couple of board games. It was designed to be a day where the discussion of up and coming events was kept to a minimum, to ensure a relaxing day for all members.
2/19 Social Psych Student Present (Action Learning)
On 2/26 an Alumni Panel was hosted. The panel had a list of questions prepared for them that they were encouraged to use as guidelines. With a full room of interested students the panel discussed what it is they did at Cerritos, what they are currently doing at their respected graduate schools, and what they plan to do in the future. The alumni also spoke to the students of different obstacles in each of their lives that they had to overcome making it a genuine and inspiring discussion.
In the following month 3/05 Guest Speaker, Mrs. Gaffaney presented “treatment for the severely mentally ill”. In this animated presentation Mrs. Gaffeney educated the club of just a couple of the mental illnesses she worked with on a daily basis, from schizophrenia to bipolarize, and the severely depressed. She informed us that those who are considering joining the field be patient and always keep into consideration that when dealing with the mentally ill, we must always be considerate. Gaffaney continued her presentation by showing the club just how difficult life can be with schizophrenia. Using groups of five she asked for one person to volunteer to follow her on a math problem, while the rest of the four people whispered any dialog into the single persons ear, creating a vary memorable reality of the dieses of schizophrenia.
The following week 3/12 was our campus Spring Festival an event in which a high level of club and faculty participation turned our Falcon Square into a small carnival of games and prizes. The Psi Beta club had the honor to have fish bowl toss, the game was to get a ping pong ball into a small glass cup filled with water. As students walked up and down the festival we had the opportunity to talk to them and let them know a little of what our club was about.
On 3/19 we had one of the most hart felt meetings. Guest Speaker, Dora Jacildo, executive director of “Children Today” came to speak to the club about her nonprofit organization. She explained to us just exactly what her or organization did (helping homeless children under the age of 6, and their families to gain a stable living environment specifically for the children) she explained to us how being homeless and having an unstable living environment can be detrimental to the psychological progression of a child. Jacildo shared a couple of stories that explained to us that the facility was the first real foundation that most of the children had ever felt, and after listening to everything she had to say, our club continued with their campaign to raise the basic necessities these children need. The drive is currently going on and is informing and calling on students to help with donations of the necessities.
3/20- “Kneeding our way to WPA” massage fundraiser
A very interesting and memorable tour was held on 3/27 the Psi Beta chapter along with the Active Minds club of Cerritos College had the opportunity to visit MHA Village. This facility is located in Long Beach CA, and is specifically designed to help the homeless community of Long Beach get back on their feet and into a stable living environment. Many of their Clients do suffer from mental illnesses, but none the less the facility does provide many resources needed to propel them forward. The facility is a beautiful not only in its architecture and organized environment, but more so in its lay out and how it is structured to help, and the attitude of the staff is that of a motivating friend. Their open door policy is a great reflection as to how open and welcoming the facility and staff are.
4/01 WPA bake sale
Every semester the club has at least one Workshop this year’s work shop was presented by Dr. Yong on 4/05 his presentation was cleverly titled “Effects of Love via technology”. Dr. Yong’s articulation created for a thoughtful assessment of lives and raised the question as to how technology can, and is being used to decay the genuine ties that an interpersonal conversation creates. Yong had much to say about love, and how we are not only hostile to each other but to those we care for most. At the end of his presentation he continued to speak with students of just about all aspects of love.
On 4/09 the club was presented with two Guest Speaker’s who were working on a project called “Operation outreach”. This project was designed to further unite and strengthen the students, clubs and faculty of the campus. Sent to inform us of the coming events such as earth day and global community day the two speakers instilled the spirit of working together.
4/16 Guest Speaker, Dr. Gaffaney
Our last Volunteer Opportunity of the semester held on 4/20. The Psi Beta club went to volunteer at the Metropolitan State Hospital, local to the campus; the Hospital is a large compound with various buildings on the premises which are unique to the different needs of the patients. The building in which the volunteers stayed had its own court yard, which is where all the entertainment was held. After interacting with patients for what seemed like only minutes, the first round of bingo begun. During the stimulating game of bingo the winners of the games had the opportunity to collect prizes that the club members had brought. After countless rounds of bingo and face paint the patients enjoyed refreshments, and with just a few more minutes of interaction time they were escorted back into their facility.
Our last Guest Speaker presented on 4/23, Brittany Ludeen a transfer counselor informed our club of the in’s and out’s when it comes to transferring. With highly motivating words she spoke to us of a few tips, sites and scholarships we should look out for. And with questions being absorbed and answered many of our members seemed to leave with the satisfied look of relief on their faces.
Our latest event was not particularly one of our own, on 4/24 CSULB held their annual Psych Day, where quite a few of our members who had done research had the opportunity to present their findings. Although this was an event our club was responsible for, a couple of our cabinet members did attend meetings to not only to network with, but also gain insight as to what would need to be done to create a Psych Day of our own at Cerritos. We were advised to start with something small and let it grow with every passing year. Aside from the help we gave and tips we receive, Psych Day was an awesome event that members from our club who didn’t even present, came to support and indulge in the influx of knowledge that was being shared.
4/30 cabinet elections
5/11 Psi Beta Induction

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