Re-Introducing the Chapter Delegate Officer Position

The Psi Beta National Council is pleased to announce the Chapter Delegate Officer Position to improve communication between chapters and our national office. This position is recommended for all Psi Beta chapters as we hope to become more aware of our chapters’ accomplishments and activities.  Soon, we envision this feedback contributing to a database of successful chapter activities for chapters to draw from, and improved camaraderie and networking between all Psi Beta members and advisors. To be eligible for election or appointed to the Chapter Delegate position, a student should be a currently enrolled community college student and an active member of his or her Psi Beta chapter.

Job Description

The Chapter Delegates have the ultimate responsibility to:

1. Submit chapter votes for such matters as amending the national bylaws and casting the chapter’s votes in national Psi Beta elections;

2. Serve as the chapter members’ primary channel of communication with the Psi Beta National Council;

3. Submit occasional “how-we-did-it” reports to the national office so this information can be shared with other chapters. The reports can focus on successful member recruitment strategies, service activities and projects, leadership training, fundraising strategies, research, leadership development, induction ceremonies, and other exemplary chapter activities; and

4. Regularly visit and contribute to one or more of Psi Beta’s national social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

The primary goal of both the Chapter Delegates and the National Council is to facilitate on-going high impact experiential learning opportunities that align with Psi Beta’s mission statement. The Council has the responsibility for providing the Chapter Delegates with the information to do their job.

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