Reasons for Noting Psi Beta Membership on College Transcripts

[This article was adapted from page 25 of the new Psi Beta Chapter Handbook]

There are important reasons for including Psi Beta on student transcripts (which can also apply to seeking permission to allow honor students to be recognized in the program and on stage by wearing a Psi Beta honor cord, medallion and/or cap tassel during the graduation ceremony). If you are requesting that Psi Beta be on student transcripts (or that students be recognized as Psi Beta honor students during graduation), you may use the following information and rationale to seek permission from the college president or registrar.

Psi Beta recognizes outstanding psychology students and promotes excellence in scholarship, leadership, research and community service. Once a student has earned the honor and been inducted, membership is for life. When a student is committed to excellence and hard work, and the Psi Beta faculty advisor has devoted valuable time to motivate the student, having the accomplishments acknowledged at graduation and on the student’s transcript rewards both.

The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) regulates eligibility requirements for establishing college chapters and for admitting student members. In 1994 Psi Beta was the first community college honor society accepted for membership in the ACHS. Because of the ACHS membership, a student’s Psi Beta membership has the unique benefit of meeting one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level (usually two levels higher than otherwise qualified) in numerous occupations in the Federal Service. Also, since higher educational institutions and future employers request transcripts, the college and the student are held in higher esteem when Psi Beta (and any other campus honor society memberships) are noted on the transcript.

The policy for most campuses that include honor societies on the transcript is to include all the honor societies on campus. Some colleges enter Psi Beta on the transcripts by computer, while others use a rubber stamp or seal. Community college honor societies that are members of ACHS are Alpha Beta Gamma and Psi Beta. These societies are held accountable to high, regulated standards of excellence.


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