Connect with Psi Beta!!

In hopes of promoting sharing between our Psi Beta chapters, members, and alumni, we have been working diligently to boost our social media presence on several different platforms.  Elizabeth, our executive assistant, and Issanna, our intern, have been working to create psychology-related content, connect with chapters, and encourage chapter-to-chapter sharing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  By creating virtual platforms for connections and conversations we hope that members will feel more inclined to network both on and offline, especially during conferences where potential research opportunities can be forged. Additionally, we hope to use these Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to showcase the amazing work of our chapters, and hope that more chapters will begin regularly updating their social media sites. With LinkedIn, we plan to not only showcase chapter accomplishments, but focus on connecting our alumni to encourage potential employment and networking opportunities outside of students’ two-year colleges. We appreciate any input from our chapters for these pages, and we hope to connect with you online!

Please find us on the following platforms:

• Instagram/Twitter: @psibetanational

• Facebook: Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology

• LinkedIn: Psi Beta National

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