Fall 2014 Psi Beta Presidential Column

I hope each of you have had a wonderful summer and are ready to embark on a new year!  I am truly honored to serve as your President for this year, and can only hope to do as well as some of the wonderful faculty that have held this role before me!  In the five years that I have served on the National Council, I have been amazed at the enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism of every Psi Beta advisor that I’ve had the chance to encounter.

As I contemplate what makes Psi Beta so special, it is this sense of collaboration that exists between advisors and students.  Our mission asks advisors to help their students foster a knowledge of research, provide service to their community, and a greater understanding of the psychological field. This is no small task and often we find ourselves, as advisors, looking for advice and assistance.  It is my goal this year to foster that sense of collaboration between advisors and between Psi Beta and other organizations within this field.

I am pleased to announce that we will be continuing our relationship with APS this year and will have the opportunity to again offer student scholarships to attend this conference in May.  Students will have the chance to apply for assistance to attend this conference and present on their research.  Student submissions will be judged on both research, scholarship, and leadership skills.  Please be on the lookout for more information about this contest in the next few months.

Psi Beta will also maintain a presence at APA this August.  Collaboration is a new theme for programming at APA this year and we invite Psi Beta members and chapters to work together to develop research submissions both with other chapters of Psi Beta but also with chapters of Psi Chi.  We also invite advisors to reach out to colleague at other institutions to share the benefits of Psi Beta.  Mentoring other advisors, collaborating with colleagues, and sharing your experiences with students are all ways that we can grow and flourish as an organization.

As a student, I, like most of you, always greeted the start of a new school year with a sense of excitement and anticipation.  New backpacks, new pens, new teacher and new friends were the things I loved most about this yearly time of change. Many times, we, as faculty, lose that appreciation for the potential that change brings.  I hope to be able to serve you, as president, to help you find the joy and opportunity in the changes that this year brings each of us, to meet your goals as a chapter, and to develop new programs and relationships for the organization as a whole.

I want each of you to feel free to email me or call with any issues that you have over the year and I will do my best to find answers or provide support to your needs!


Katherine Wickes, Ph.D.

President, Psi Beta National Council


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