Psi Beta and the Heroic Imagination Project has Launched!

Psi Beta’s version of Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo’s outstanding Heroic Imagination Project (HIP) has launched!!!  HIP is an enriching service-learning experience for Psi Beta students. Using Psi Beta’s lesson plans and resources, Psi Beta members can form into teams and present lessons on several different topics. By December, 2013 there will be six different lessons from which to choose.  Lesson resources for the Bystander Effect are currently available. Resources for Dweck’s Mindset theory will be available by the end of August. The 90-minute lessons engage the audience through video clips, guided discussion, and writing exercises. Presentations are appropriate for high school and college classes and many other community groups. Because HIP is both a service project AND a learning project, each lesson includes a pre and post-test assessment to help determine what audience members have learned.  Moreover, Psi Beta members themselves gain valuable experience working as a team to organize and present effective presentations.  Members also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the classic and current social psychology research that supports each of the six lessons.  The Heroic Imagination Project will continue on for several more years, so it’s not too late to become involved. To involve your chapter, have one of your Psi Beta faculty advisors apply by contacting Psi Beta’s Executive Director, Dr. Jerry Rudmann, at

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