Important Announcements from Psi Beta’s National Council

BYLAW AMENDMENT PASSES – The Psi Beta National Council’s proposal to raise the minimum GPA from 3.0 to 3.25 passed by a simple majority (20 YES votes, 7 NO votes). This motion carries. Effective January 1st 2013, students will become eligible for lifetime membership in Psi Beta if they meet the following criteria:

1. Completion of at least one college psychology course with a grade of “B” or better,

2. A cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher based upon completion of at least 12 degree applicable college units OR a GPA within the highest 35% of the student body (whichever is higher), and

3. Good standing in the community (the applicant should not be, for example, an imprisoned felon taking college classes).

Advisors and officers should implement the new 3.25 GPA standard at their campus effective January 1st, 2013. As mentioned in earlier correspondence, Psi Beta’s membership in the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) would have been in jeopardy had we not increased the GPA requirement to 3.25. Good standing in ACHS helps to assure Psi Beta’s legitimacy and prestige as a national honor society.  By the way, chapters can adopt eligibility standards that exceed the national standards; some chapters have already set the GPA above 3.25.

CHAPTER NEWSLETTER ARTICLES HAVE REPLACED ANNUAL CHAPTER REPORTS – Chapters are no longer required to submit annual reports. Instead, we strongly encourage chapters to submit chapter activity articles to the fall and spring newsletters. To make it easy to submit newsletter articles, we’ve developed an online submission form. The process is simple. Just click on the link on the Psi Beta homepage – this link will take you there and type in your article! If you choose to write the article using a word processor, first spell check the article, then save the article as “plain text” before cutting and pasting it into the online submission form. The deadline for the fall newsletter was back in November. Please plan to share your chapter’s story in the spring 2013 newsletter. The chapter advisor or one of your student members can submit.

CHAPTER WEBSITES CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE – We’ve added an icon-link to easily locate information about setting up your own Psi Beta chapter website.

– Since early last summer, the Psi Beta National Council has been engaged in strategic planning. We are now working on the strategies that emerged from the planning process. Some highlights include: a) reviewing and possibly updating Psi Beta’s branding, b) deploying a needs survey to our advisors, c) adding important new resources to the website (e.g., a dedicated career development area, featuring effective chapter practices) d) finding an effective way to remove advisors from the dues collection and payment process (we want to reduce this burden), e) providing more training materials to advisors and chapter leaders, and g) developing ways to offer scholarships to members. We are making these changes gradually but anticipate that Psi Beta membership will become an even greater positive factor to our members as they progress along their academic and career pathways.

CHAPTER INDUCTION ORDERS –  Advisors: Just as a reminder,please be sure to submit your chapter Psi Beta orders two weeks prior to your induction to ensure your materials arrive on time. Please note this is standard processing, and due to the high volume of orders rush processing is not always available and is an incremental $30 cost to you. In addition, please be sure you are submitting one order for your induction. Lastly, the processing system prints all materials as they were entered, so be sure to double check the spelling and capitalization for each student prior to submission. Most of all, we hope you and your students have a fantastic induction ceremony and a successful semester!

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