Induction Order Tips!

Dear Advisors,

We would like to offer a few tips to ensure that your induction materials arrive on time.

  • Submit your order at least 2 weeks prior to your induction.
  • Be sure to have students provide all required membership components (application, membership fee, and transcript) to you prior to adding students into the Psi Beta registration system. This includes not allowing students to register themselves prior to providing all application components to you. Adding students to invoices that later need to be removed can delay your order therefore orders may not arrive in time for your induction.
  • Review student names for typos prior to submitting. All certificates and id cards are printed with the exact spelling that is listed on the invoice order at the time of submission.
  • Keep in mind there is a $10 shipping and handling charge for each order that is submitted. Combining orders will ensure that your chapter minimizes the extra fees.
  • Consider using your home address as the shipping address for your order if you have difficulty obtaining materials from your college in a timely manner.
  • Keep in mind we offer both gold and silver pins. We encourage you to check with your students on their preference of pin color.


Our goal is to ensure that each order arrives in time for your induction, by using the above tips your order will be off to a great start. We hope all chapters have a wonderful induction ceremony.

Jenelle Welz
Director of Chapter Operations

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