Message from Psi Beta’s National President!

Dear Psi Beta Community,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you as the newly installed President of the Psi Beta National Council.  I follow in the footsteps of my immediate predecessor, Robin Mussleman, who still serves as our National Past President, and numerous other former presidents.  I am also humbled by your support and participation and the local, regional, and national levels as it has made Psi Beta the organization it is today.

Fairly recently, Psi Beta celebrated its 30th anniversary and we continue to grow as an organization.  Of course, with growth, comes the need for long-term planning and I am happy to report that the Psi Beta National Council met in August to develop a strategic plan for Psi Beta’s long-term success.  In addition to building organizational capacity, plans are underway to not only extend the reach of the organization, but also to provide additional services and recognition to students and advisors alike.  Further, we recognize the importance of early research experiences in our students, which is why we continue to provide research opportunities for students through our National Research Project as we recognize that many community and junior colleges do not offer research methods courses.

Acknowledging the importance of research to our undergraduate students, Psi Beta launched the National Research Project several years ago with chapters throughout the nation participating and several students presenting poster presentations using the data at local, regional, and national conferences.  In addition, the national council has been working to build bridges with Psi Chi over the past few years, recognizing that many of our students will transfer to four year institutions and likely join Psi Chi upon transfer; thus, we have been working with Psi Chi to ease that transition.  Consequently, we have partnered with Psi Chi on the 2012-2013 National Research Project.  We are also partnering with Psi Chi on the regional level and you may see joint activities at your regional psychological association conventions this coming year.

More information on the 2012-2013 National Research Project can be found at our website,, which is regularly updated with new information.  Of particular interest on the website is the “What’s Hot” feature on the top right of the homepage that details some of the newest information posted to the website.  You can also find information about Psi Beta’s national awards, how to be included in the national newsletter, and a host of other useful information.  In addition, you can create your own chapter website through Psi Beta National; just go to the “Chapters” tab at the top of the page and select “Chapter Web Sites” from the pull down for additional information.

Please do not hesitate to contact the national office or your regional vice-president should you have any questions related to Psi Beta.; contact information can also be found on the website under the “About” tab.  We are eager to help you and are looking forward to another exciting year for our chapters and students.

Wishing the best this academic year,

Kris Leppien-Christensen, Ph.D.

Psi Beta National President

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