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Collin Psi Beta Student Garners Coveted Internship in Vienna, Austria

Michael Viacheslavon, Collin College Psi Beta member and 2013 Emerging Scholar, wrote a research paper for his Honors General Psychology course on the endangered Kea parrot of New Zealand. Scientists consider the Kea parrot to be one of the most intelligent bird species in the world. Viacheslavon’s paper was so well written that he was encouraged to contact the primary researchers in the field for feedback on the viability of his research proposal. Michael’s ideas pertaining to Kea “tool use behavior” were of great interest to lead scientists and he was offered a 3-4 month internship starting April, 2013 at the Konrad-Lorenz Institute for Comparative Ethology in Vienna. Michael’s (CFST) Cut-Flat Stick Tool will be studied at the Haidlhof Research Station (HaReS)- which is where the birds are housed.

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