Psi Beta National Research Project (2017-18) and the National Research Project Archive

New Study – Prior research has examined the relationship between self-entitlement and measures of student success for populations of undergraduate and graduate students at universities. This year’s annual research project will examine the relationship between mindset, academic self-entitlement, and GRIT in community college students. Among other things, the study will examine whether students who have a higher level of academic self-entitlement tend to score lower on Duckworth’s GRIT scale (GRIT has been found to predict academic success).

Dr. Katherine Wickes, professor of psychology Blinn Community College (TX), a Psi Beta chapter advisor and former Psi Beta National President, and her students are leading the way for this study. Once the online questionnaire is ready in a few weeks, the announcement will appear under “What’s Hot” on the Psi Beta website, and we will send out an announcement to all chapter advisors.

Archive of Past Studies – On a related note, an archive of most of the past research projects is now available to members and advisors. As shown in the table below, the very first study, conducted in 2008-09, investigated factors associated with shyness and campus connectedness. Nine annual studies have been conducted since 20081. Key files from these studies have been organized into an archive located on the Psi Beta website. Lifetime Psi Beta members and chapter advisors (ONLY) are permitted to download and use the files. The files can be used for exploration and hypothesis testing. Advisors can also use the files for pedagogical purposes. For each study you can download the study overview, a copy of the online questionnaire used to collect data from participants, the cleaned data files (SPSS and Excel), and a codebook. Because the data files represent archived data and participant identity has been removed, you are welcome to use these files for chapter research projects. IRB approval is not necessary because you’ll be conducting archival research, not gathering data from human participants. FYI, all studies were IRB approved when originally conducted.

Here is a list of the past studies. All the 2008-2017 studies were coordination by the Psi Beta chapter at Irvine Valley College. As noted above, Blinn College is coordinating the 2017-18 study

Psi Beta’s National Research Projects
2008-2009 Shyness and College Connectedness
2009-2010 Subjective Happiness and Friend’s Happiness
2010-2011 Factors Associated with Campus Connectedness
2011-2012 Factors Associated with Mobile Phone Addiction
2012-2013 International Situations Project
2013-2014 Time Perspective
2014-2015 Self-Regulation, Mindset, and Relationships
2015-2016 Academic Self-Regulation
2016-2017 Self-Regulation, GRIT, and Positive Affect
2017-2018 Self-Entitlement and GRIT

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