National Research Study Ready to Launch!

National Research Study Ready to Launch!

By Jerry Rudmann, Executive Director of Psi Beta

     Psi Beta’s National Council is pleased to announce the 2011-12 National Research Study. These studies offer Psi Beta students, especially those attending community colleges not offering a research methods course, an opportunity to participate in an actual study. Psi Beta students can use the study’s data to test several hypotheses, and prepare APA style research reports and posters to present at local, regional, or national conferences.  Last year’s study on college connectedness gathered data from over 450 participants.

The focus for this year’s project is personality factors associated with smart phone use. The study is a partial replication of Leung’s (2007) study that investigated leisure boredom, sensation seeking, self-esteem, addiction symptoms and patterns of mobile phone use. The study will provide a rich data source for testing a number of different hypotheses. The psychology IRB at Irvine Valley College has approved the study and Irvine Valley College will serve as the study’s anchor college. Each participating chapter must provide a minimum of 30 participants. Timeline: Data-gathering will begin on November 10, 2011 and end on February 28, 2012. The National Office will distribute the full database (in Excel and SPSS) to participating chapters by March 10, 2012. For your chapter to participate, by November 28 your chapter advisor must contact Dr. Jerry Rudmann at the National Office by email at and express your chapter’s intention to participate.

Acknowledgements – we are fortunate to have the following people design and facilitate this year’s study: Dr. Bernardo Carducci, Indiana University Southeast, who suggested this study, and is serving as our research consultant. Thanks also to Dr. Katherine Wickes, Psi Beta advisor at Binn College (TX) and Southwestern Regional VP of Psi Beta; psychology professor Michael Cassens, Psi Beta co-advisor at Irvine Valley College (CA); and Liana Gheorma, chair of the Psi Beta research committee at Irvine Valley, and the outstanding members of her committee.

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