New Member Registration Process Launches on January 1st, 2015

Psi Beta’s new member registration process launches on January 1st. The new process is designed to decrease the advisor’s workload while streamlining registration and dues payments. Rather than sending the $50 membership fee through the advisor or a student activities office, students will pay online using PayPal or a credit card. The new process will minimize the number of misspelled names on certificates, and greatly decrease the advisor’s time in the registration process.

BASIC PROCESS – After review a student’s eligibility for membership in Psi Beta, the chapter’s primary advisor will log on to the Psi Beta website, enter an induction date, the email addresses of all eligible students, and click on the submit button. That’s it for the advisor! The student will receive an invitation email having a link to a registration form. Once the completed registration form is submitted, the student is sent to a PayPal /credit card site. This process has several timing features built in:

  • The advisor must choose an induction date at least 3 weeks away.
  • The registration period, the window of time in which a student can register, ends two weeks before the induction date. Also, exactly two weeks from the induction, the system sends a file to the Psi Beta office so staff can begin preparing the certificates.
  • The advisor must schedule any subsequent inductions at least 2 weeks beyond the most recent induction.

At any time, the advisor can log on to the Psi Beta website and see the registration status for the upcoming induction. This information will be available: Students who have not registered, registered but not paid, or registered and paid.

More detailed information about the new member registration process as well as some quick training resources will be appear on the Psi Beta website just prior to January 1st.

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