President’s Message

To Psi Beta Members:

Several years ago a student came to me and asked about scholarship opportunities available through Psi Beta. I explained that while we had some great competitive award programs, for example the annual research paper competition, we did not have specific scholarships available for Psi Beta students. That conversation has stuck with me over the years because I would love to see some four-year colleges and universities recognize the achievement of Psi Beta members. When I was asked to become the president of Psi Beta, the nominating committee asked me about specific goals that I had for the organization. Breaking the barrier and acquiring scholarship opportunities for Psi Beta graduates was a major goal for me. Well, it seems that my goal has come to fruition. It gives me great pleasure to announce the first such recognition; and it is extra special for me because we have had several members of our chapter transfer to Cedar Crest College and go on to study for advanced degrees.

Beginning fall 2012, Cedar Crest College, in Allentown, PA will offer a $500 scholarship to two Psi Beta students! Cedar Crest College already offers some fabulous merit scholarships, but this is an extra recognition because of the value of Psi Beta membership. For details on the merit scholarships and the process for applying for this scholarship, see the details inside this newsletter!

I look forward to meeting the recipients of the Psi Beta award in the future and I hope that this new scholarship will be just the first of many to validate the achievements and talents of Psi Beta students. As a faculty member, it is always heart-breaking to hear from a graduate who is disillusioned because their engagement at the transfer institution is not all they had planned. Recognition of Psi Beta membership is one indicator that the university’s psychology program is on board and prepared to meet and help you further grow professionally and personally.

As another academic year comes to a close, this time of year brings national conferences. Psi Beta will have programming at both the APS conference in Chicago the end of May and at the APA conference in Orlando this August. Be sure to check out the full schedule of activities at both of these conferences.

Finally, this marks the last message I will send as Psi Beta’s National President. It has been a true honor to serve this year and I look forward to continued Psi Beta involvement on the local, regional, and national level. I’d like to challenge every advisor to consider how he or she can become involved on the regional and national level. I have gained so much from my involvement and I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with so many wonderful professionals and students from across the country. If you would like information on getting involved, please feel free to drop me an email – I’d be thrilled to help you accomplish that.

Congratulations to all of the spring graduates and best wishes for your future academic plans!

– Robin Musselman, EdD

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