Psi Alpha has Launched!

Psi Alpha, the high school national honor society in psychology, has officially launched! Psi Alpha has been a long time in the making, as Psi Beta Executive Director Jerry Rudmann saw a missing niche for high achieving high school students early in his time with Psi Beta. In the last year, with support from teachers across the nation and the Psi Beta National Council, Psi Alpha was formed.

Psi Alpha’s mission is to enhance America’s high school students’ understanding and knowledge of the science of psychology, including ways in which psychology benefits society and the career opportunities available in psychology. Psi Alpha will provide high school students with ways to develop and showcase their knowledge psychology and leadership skills. Benefits for student members will be academic recognition, leadership experience relevant for college applications, stronger resumes, and increased self-esteem. In turn, Psi Alpha will provide advisors with opportunities for faculty recognition, mentorship experience, and professional development.

Designed after Psi Beta and Psi Chi, Psi Alpha’s National Council consists of five regional Vice Presidents, an Executive Director, and Liaisons with Psi Beta and Psi Chi.

Executive Director – Elizabeth Shabazian

Southeastern Regional Vice President – Traci McKinney

Midwestern Regional Vice President – Heather Chambers

Eastern Regional Vice President – John Mohl

Southwestern Regional Vice President – Danielle Jones

Western / Rocky Mountain Vice President – Emily Checketts

Psi Beta Liaison – Bryan Gerber

Psi Chi Liaison – John Edlund

Together, the new council has worked diligently to ensure a seamless charter process, and is actively responding to requests from teachers and students. With feedback and support, the Psi Alpha team is working to mold Psi Alpha into an inclusive, motivating, and foundational experience for students to explore psychology early in their academic career. If you are interested in learning more about Psi Alpha, please go to or email us at

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