Psi Alpha Update

Psi Alpha, the National Honor Society for High School Psychology, has been operational for a little over a year.  What an exciting year+ it has been!  At this writing, Psi Alpha has 42 active chapters and more than 1300 members.  We have even chartered an International chapter in Lima, Peru.

There have certainly been growing pains, but we are excited at the progress and the future potential.  Psi Alpha is planning numerous initiatives for the coming year. These initiatives include website upgrades, the addition of academic and chapter resources, and additional research and scholarship opportunities for members.  We have a very committed and active National Council, which includes President Traci McKinney, President-Elect Emily Checketts, and Eastern Region Vice President Suzanne Nordonne.  We are working hard to build our Council and need additional Regional Vice Presidents.  Please send any referrals to

Psi Alpha is currently a program of Psi Beta.  Psi Alpha will forever be grateful to the Psi Beta staff and Council for their support, encouragement, and resources.  Psi Alpha would certainly not be where it is without them.  Special thanks go to Dr. Jerry Rudmann, Elizabeth Shabazian, Sherri Parks, and Jenelle Beazley from the Psi Beta staff.  There are plans for Psi Alpha to establish its own identity and business plan.  Recent world events have put those plans on hold for the time being.  Psi Alpha envisions a continuing robust relationship with Psi Beta, including the promotion of the benefits of starting their collegiate experience in the community college environment.

Please check us out at and certainly let us know if you could use promotional materials or additional information.

Bryan S. Gerber, PsyD/PhD

Psi Alpha Executive Director

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