Introducing Psi Beta’s National Council for 2016-2017

Psi Beta is governed by its National Council. Each council member teaches psychology at a regionally accredited, AA-degree granting institution. Each Council member also advises an active Psi Beta chapter. The council consists of 6 regional Vice-Presidents, each of whom assists chapters in his or her geographic region (i.e., West, Rocky Mountain, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and East), and a President, Past-President, and President-Elect. Professors of psychology can win a seat on the Council by running for an open Vice-Presidential position in his or her region. Seats on Psi Beta’s National Council are confirmed by a voting process (each active chapter has a vote). Some Vice-Presidents eventually enter the presidential cycle (President-Elect, National President, Past-President).


Shown Above – National President Kathleen Hughes with newly inducted Vice-Presidents. On the reader’s left is Michael Colbert, Eastern Vice-President. On the right is Todd Allen Joseph, Southeastern Regional Vice-President. Michael and Todd were officially installed as Vice-Presidents during Psi Beta’s annual business meeting at the APA conference held in Denver last August.

Table 1. Psi Beta’s National Council

chartPsi Beta is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) – America’s clearinghouse for legitimate honor societies.

Psi Beta is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. Psi Beta offers speakers, symposia, and student events at most annual professional conferences in psychology (e.g., APA, APS, WPA, MPA, SWPA, EPA, SEPA).

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