New Psi Beta Executive Director Hired


Kathleen Hughes Stellmach, Ph.D.

As chair of the Executive Director Hiring Committee, I am excited to announce that we have hired a new Executive Director for Psi Beta.

Dr. Senatore has just accepted a new position as the Provost of Community Colleges of Spokane and will begin her work there this summer.  Most recently, she served as the Group Dean of Academic Excellence for the Northeast Region of DeVry University. Dr. Senatore has held faculty and administrative positions at a number of community colleges, colleges, and universities.  She has also previously served as an advisor for her college’s Psi Beta chapter and was the Southwestern Regional Vice President for Psi Beta.

The process of preparing for a new Executive Director for Psi Beta began in October 2017 with the installment of a new task force focused on reviewing Psi Beta policies, procedures, and documentation. The task force consisted of the current Psi Beta President, Psi Beta’s Past-President, Psi Beta’s President-Elect, the current Executive Director, former Psi Beta National Presidents, Psi Beta’s Director of Chapter Operations, Psi Beta’s Executive Assistant, and the Executive Director of Psi Chi.  Once that committee finished its work, the Executive Director Hiring Committee was installed. That committee consisted of the same individuals minus three former National Presidents. This new committee reviewed the materials from the task force and then began the advertisement process, the review of candidates’ applications, the interviewing process, and then the selection process. This committee began in June 2018 and has just finished its work.

The Hiring Committee would like to share how impressed we were by all of the candidates who applied for the Executive Director position. The candidates were successful faculty and college administrators who have worked hard and are recognized national for their support of students, faculty, and Psi Beta.

Dr. Valerie Smith Senatore will now begin transitioning into the Executive Director role with Dr. Jerry Rudmann, Psi Beta’s outgoing Executive Director. Congratulations, Dr. Senatore!


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