From the Desk of the Psi Beta Executive Director

Annual Chapter Reports Due Between May 1 and 15 Every Year – Starting May of this year, all chapters will be expected to file an annual report with the Psi Beta National Office. Your chapter’s annual report can be submitted by having a chapter officer or advisor complete our user-friendly online form.  The form is designed to gather information on the activities in which each chapter has been engaged during the present school year. The report will consist of possible chapter activities organized around the four components of Psi Beta’s mission: Leadership, Scholarship, Community Service, and Research. The annual due date is May 15!

It was decided to implement annual reports for several reasons. First, we want to know the kinds of activities that Psi Beta students and chapters have underway. Second, data from the annual reports will be used to identify best practices that can be shared with other chapters. Finally, the annual reports will be used to gauge Psi Beta’s national impact in terms of developing students’ leadership, scholarship, community service, and undergraduate research skills.  Click here to go to the Chapter Report Form.

National Research Project – Psi Beta’s annual research project for 2013-14 was highly successful. Over 700 participants from across the nation participated.  Excel and SPSS versions of the data file have been sent to the participating chapters. Some preliminary findings were that 44% of the participants scored in the Entity / Fixed Mindset range, and that several significant relationships were found between the Time-Perspective scales, Mindset, and Subjective Happiness.

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