Three Psi Beta / Psi Chi Collaboration Grants Awarded for 2015-16

Glendale Community College (AZ) Psi Beta and Arizona State University West Psi Chi

The Glendale Community College (GCC) chapter of Psi Beta and the Arizona State University West (ASUW) chapter of Psi Chi have worked diligently to build traditions of excellence in scholarship and research among psychology students. Although the two organizations work separately, they are strongly linked because many GCC students finish their bachelor’s degrees at ASUW; together, the two organizations produce great scholars from the Glendale area. This Collaboration Grant is helping to support a jointly hosted a research event called the Broadening Perspectives Research Day in April of 2016. The Broadening Perspectives Research Day is an exhibition of psychology and related research being done at GCC, ASUW, and surrounding high schools. It features a wide range of research including school projects done by high school students, independent and class-related research completed by GCC students and ASUW undergraduates, New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experience (NCUIRE) grant-funded research projects by ASUW students, and the research being done at ASUW laboratories throughout the social and behavioral sciences.

University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Psi Chi and College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Psi Beta

UNLV and CSN are the two largest schools in Southern Nevada who work together to provide students with various opportunities to succeed in academia and in the community. The chapters of UNLV Psi Chi and CSN Psi Beta are examples of this well-established partnership. Their collaborative event will be to host a conference style Professional Psychology Fair. This Fair will differ from a Career Fair in that it will provide students with opportunities for volunteering, internships, scholarships, and employment. The Professional Fair will create opportunities for networking between high school students, college students, and professionals throughout Southern Nevada. Psi Chi and Psi Beta members are working together to plan the entire event. Specifically, they are developing marketing strategies, budgeting, designs, and advertisements. This event has never been attempted there before. This will be the first professional fair that will include multiple professionals in the field of psychology, as well as the first to include graduating high school seniors and graduating college seniors.

San Diego City College’s Psi Beta and San Diego State University’s Psi Chi

These two collaborating Psi Beta and Psi Chi chapters are working together on a community service project to assist the San Diego Rescue Mission (SDRM). This is the first collaboration of its kind between their two chapters. This project will not only enhance the quality of the interaction and relationship between their chapters, but may have a strong positive impact on the community. The SDRM is a local organization that offers programs to help meet the changing needs of San Diego’s homeless and needy populations. The shelter has many programs which focus on helping homeless women with children under 16. Examples include the emergency night shelter, Nueva Vida Haven, where this population can have a secure place to sleep, shower, eat meals, and obtain clothing and hygiene products. Other programs include The Women’s and Children’s Center, a year-long residential program which offers GED courses for moms, a preschool for the children, and enriching classes on topics such as cooking, crafts, and ASL.

The collaborating chapters’ first step will be to host a drive for supplies to donate to the Nueva Vida Haven emergency night shelter. Since SDRM asks for small groups to assist at a time, the chapters will set up a schedule of various times for volunteers to help out throughout the course of an entire week. Members from each chapter will work together to offer organized activities or assist in the various programs.

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