A Great Career Information Book Now Available!

One of our own Psi Beta Chapter Advisors, Amira Wegenek, PhD and Bill Buskist, PhD have just published Insider’s Guide to the Psychology Major: Everything You Need to Know About the Degree and Profession (APA Books, 2010), which aims to help Psychology Majors everywhere. Click here to purchase the book. The book retails for just $29.95 and $24.95 for APA members and affiliates.

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors. To gain an edge and get ahead, current and prospective psychology majors need to have an accurate view of the field. This book provides an overview of the psychology major, sub-disciplines within the profession, graduate programs and the admissions process, career opportunities for all degree types, internships, and free resources for students. To make the process more interactive and proactive, students will benefit from the handy assessments, timelines, exercises, tips on enhancing employability, testimonials from students and professionals, and recommended resources, including websites, journals, and conferences. (See the table of contents provided below).

Like a good mentor, this book expertly motivates and empowers students to be proactive in exploring their educational and career options. Whether the ultimate goal is to enter the workforce or graduate school, following this insider guidance will save undergraduates time and increase their chances of success.

Please consider sharing this great resource with your students as a suggested reading or using it as a textbook for Careers in Psychology or Intro to the Psychology Major at your institution. For more information and student resources, see the blog site that accompanies the book: www.mypsychmentor.com

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Chapter 1. Why Should You Major in Psychology? │ Common Misconceptions of Psychology Majors │ Why Students Major in Psychology? │ Predictors of Success as a Psychology Major │ What Courses Are Required? │ Where Are Last Year’s 90,000 Psychology Graduates? │ Are Psychology Graduates Happy With Their Major? │ Is Psychology the Major for You? │ My Proactive Plan Exercises │ Chapter 2. Finding Your Path: Tapping Into Valuable Resources │ To Whom Do You Need to Talk? │ Making the Most of Talking With Others │ What Free Resources Can Help You? │ Why Should You Attend a Conference? │ My Proactive Plan Exercises │ Chapter 3. How Do You Become a Psychologist? │ Academic and Applied Psychologists │ Becoming an Academic Psychologist │ The Doctoral Degree in Experimental Psychology │ Becoming an Applied Psychologist │ The PhD Versus the PsyD for Clinical Psychologists │ What Is a Counseling Psychologist? │ The Doctorate in Education │ The Master’s Degree in Related Fields │ My Proactive Plan Exercises │ Chapter 4. What Jobs Can You Attain With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology? │ Common Jobs for Individuals Holding Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology │ How Do You Learn About More Jobs? │ Will You Be Qualified for the Job With a BA or BS in Psychology? │ Are Recent Psychology Graduates Satisfied With Their Jobs? │ How Realistic Are Your Expectations? │ Which Job(s) Might You Find Satisfying? │ My Proactive Plan Exercises │ Chapter 5. Graduate School │ Graduate Schools and Graduate Programs │ The Graduate School Program Admissions Process │ How Difficult Is It to Get Into Graduate School? │ What What Admissions Committees Look for in Applicants │ Getting Involved in Research │ What if You Attend a Small Undergraduate Institution? │ Why You Should Join Clubs and Honor Societies │ How to Research Graduate School Programs │ Can You Contact Faculty at Prospective Graduate Programs?│ Who to Ask for Letters of Recommendation │ What to Include in Your Letter of Intent │ GREs and the Psychology Subject Test │ What if You Do Not Ace the GRE? │ What to Do at Your Interviews │ My Proactive Plan Exercises │Chapter 6. Getting “Real-World” Psychology-Related Experience │Which Volunteer Positions Suit Psychology Majors Well?│ Is a Volunteer Position Right for You? │ What Is the Difference Between a Volunteer Position and an Internship? │ How Can You Make the Most of Your Volunteer Position or Internship on Paper? │ My Proactive Plan Exercises │ Chapter 7. Psychology Careers in Research and Practice │ Academia │ Research Careers in the Private Sector │ Careers Related to the Practice of Psychology │ My Proactive Plan Exercises

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Click here to purchase the book

The book retails for just $29.95 and $24.95 for APA members and affiliates.

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