The American Psychological Association’s Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) has become the Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate Education (CABE).  As a result of this change, the committee membership has been expanded and now consists of four members representing Associate degree granting institutions and four members representing Baccalaureate degree granting institutions.  Information on CABE and its membership can be found here:

The change was made to better represent undergraduate education within the APA as there was no committee representing undergraduate baccalaureate education although there were committees representing high school, community college and graduate education.  In an effort to facilitate the institutional effectiveness of the association, the mission of PT@CC was expanded to include baccalaureate educational.  Information on the formation of this new committee can be found on page six of the February 2015 issue of the Psychology Teacher Network, which is available at

The resources originally developed by PT@CC remain available at, as do the awards for student presentations and the faculty-related awards.  In addition, Academic Achievement in Psychology certificates are also available at the above web address.

To ensure that our voice as community college faculty continue to be heard, I am happy to announce that I have been appointed as the committee’s liaison to Psi Beta.  As a former president of the organization, I believe the relationship Psi Beta had with PT@CC will be retained within the new committee’s structure.  Also, as liaison, I would encourage you to share any concerns or suggestions that you may have so that I can represent your voice within CABE and the APA.

By Kris Leppien-Christensen, Ph.D., Saddleback College

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