Psi Beta Research Project

This year saw a record number of chapters participating in the National Research Project. Chapter sponsors received a copy of the data and output files in March to begin the process of data analysis. Initial examination of the data by chapters found a positive correlation between levels of GRIT, Academic Self-Efficacy, Gratitude, and Happiness in the 1920 student participants.  This is an exceptionally large data set for studies of Grit and is a dramatic growth from prior years. We can’t wait to see the poster presentations and articles that this study produces from participating chapters.

It is now time to begin the process of developing the 2017-18 research project, and we would like your help! We have several potential project areas that could be the topic for the next study and we are asking chapters to weigh in on them. Potential topics could include:

1. Academic Preparedness: More and more students are attending community college. To what extent are these students prepared for success? One option for this study is to examine study skills, academic and global self-efficacy, and social media use.  Much research on this topic examines either K-12 or four-year schools, with more data collection needed.

2. Social Media Use: This study would examine the relationship between use of various social media platforms and personality variables, such as narcissism, and situational ones, such as FOMO. Given the current public discussion of how to best use media and the limited research, this may be a timely project for community college students.

3. GRIT: The previous study left opportunities for additional work on GRIT and global self-efficacy as well as GRIT and other student success variables or global success measures. This would be a way to follow up on what we have learned.

Psi Beta is also looking at other ways to replicate prior research, partner with Psi Chi or make archival data available to chapters for educational use. What we need now is your input on what project excites your chapter the most. Please email your selection for a project to by May 15th. If you have a project that is IRB approved, easily measured at multiple campuses and you think would be an excellent research topic, feel free to email that as well. We plan to unveil a topic choice early in the Fall 2017 semester.


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