Samvel S. Jeshmaridian is the Newest Psi Beta Advisor!

Samvel S. Jeshmaridian, PhD, has chartered a Psi Beta Chapter at Technical Careers Institute (TCI) in New York City where he teaches and serves as Department Chair.  Jeshmaridian is an APA Fellow. APA’s Division 51 recognized him for outstanding contributions to international psychology.  As cited in the International Psychology Bulletin (summer, 2011) Samvel Jeshmaridian, “has emerged as the go-to expert within APA and its International Division—to bridge U.S. psychology with the indigenous psychologies of Europe and Asia.” “[He] is long regarded as an authority in cross-cultural psychology, whose cross-national research has been supported by a series of competitive rewards—An IREX Scholar (1993-94), Open Society Scholar (1994), Senior Fulbright to USA (1996-97), and George Kennan Scholar (2005). As a researcher, he [has] authored 90 publications in five languages, and offered 65 presentations at international and other conferences.”  Psi Beta welcomes and congratulations Dr. Jeshmaridian on his distinguished career.

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