Giant Psi Beta / Psi Chi Collaborative Event at San Diego Sea World

Psi Beta intern Issanna Loughman, former Psi Beta standout at San Diego City College and now a Psi Chi leader at UC San Diego organized the largest collaborative event in Psi Beta history. More than 200 Psi Beta members, Psi Chi members, and faculty advisers from 14 chapters attended a special Sea World event on March 9th! Visitors were treated to an inside view of the psychological methods use for training lead by Dr. Burtis the lead trainer at Sea World. Not only did students learn about orcas, dolphins, pilot whales, walruses, belugas, and sea lions, they had the opportunity to interact and strengthen bonds between honor societies. Furthermore, Dr. Burtis, a Psi Chi member, was honorarily inducted into Psi Beta and given a plaque to honor her commitment to psychology and for her generosity.

















We are continually impressed with the dedication Issanna Loughman brings to Psi Beta, and look forward to continuing her legacy by strengthening bonds between Psi Beta and Psi Chi. We want to thank all of the chapters that participated and would love to create more opportunities for Psi Chi and Psi Beta networking events in the future.










Below is the list of chapters that were represented:

Psi Chi
Cal State San Maros
Cal State Lost Angeles
University of La Verne
San Diego State University
UC Irvine
UC Riverside
UC San Diego

Psi Beta
Cerritos College
Irvine Valley College
Palomar College
Saddleback College
San Diego City College
San Diego Mesa College


Photos were taken by Yang Lu


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