Scholar­Con® 2014


This summer Psi Beta is joining The Na­tional Society of Collegiate Scholars alongside many other ACHS Honor Societies at Scholar­Con® 2014. Scholars from across the country are invited to participate in this engaging, in­teractive experience that brings together only the very best and brightest of the nation’s high achievers for four days of collaboration, innova­tion, and celebration.

ScholarCon is the ‘unconventional conven­tion’ that revolutionizes and redefines what it means to be a scholar. With an exciting mix of high-profile speakers, engaging sponsors and interactive opportunities, this energizing and invigorating experience directly con­nects thousands of the best and brightest to DARE fearlessly, DREAM outrageously, and DISCOVER relentlessly.

ScholarCon will introduce students to a dif­ferent way of thinking, partners and sponsors who could hold potential career opportuni­ties, and members from various honor soci­eties who could help jump start an entre­preneurial idea and more.

After college, you’re more likely to be asked about what impact you’ve made on others and on the world than you are to be asked about your grades. At ScholarCon attendees will learn how to put their vision into ac­tion and create a positive social change for the world around them.

Join us  July 24–27, 2014 for a four-day interactive experience where thousands of scholars will converge, convene, connect, con­tribute, and make an impact on creating a better future not just for themselves but for the world!

Registration closes May 31, 2014.  Use the code PSIBETA today, and get $100 off!

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