Psi Beta’s Heroic Imagination Service-Learning Project

This project launched in 2011. Teams composed of three to four Psi Beta students prepare and present highly interactive psychology-based presentations to high school, college, and community groups. Each presentation features a topic derived from classic research in social psychology (e.g., the bystander effect, mindset, prejudice, stereotype threat) and runs about 80 minutes in length. What a terrific service-learning opportunity for psychology honors students. They present some of psychology’s most relevant, useful and interesting information to lay audiences! Moreover, participating Psi Beta students experience a deeper understanding of the concepts they present, and gain important skills as encouraged by APA’s Guidelines 2.0 for the psychology major. More specifically, Heroic Imagination team members develop the following knowledge and skills suggested in Guidelines 2.0: Psychology’s knowledge base, especially in the area of social psychology, self-regulation, and self-theory research (Goal 1); ability to deliver effective oral presentations (Goal 4); and working effectively as part of a team (Goal 5). Chapters wishing to engage in the Heroic Imagination service-learning project can start by having your primary advisor contact Psi Beta’s Executive Director, Jerry Rudmann. He will provide the password to the Heroic Imagination resource page. There is no charge for using the bystander effect lesson, but to use the Mindset lesson and other modules, chapters must pay a $100 license fee to Psi Beta; that fee will be forwarded to the Heroic Imagination Project office in San Francisco.

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