Social Networking with Psi Beta

Following the advent of Facebook and MySpace in 2004, social networking sites have taken a central role in the lives of people from across all walks of life. The popularity of the sites has made cultural icons of Mark Zuckerman, developer and CEO of Facebook, and “Tom,” the creative force behind MySpace. The sites allow members to keep in touch with friends and family, to stay abreast of music trends and artists’ touring dates and to experiment with various grassroots social causes. According to the Facebook developers, the site boasts 175 million members who are current in use of their accounts.

Such sites are particularly popular with college students who appreciate the ability to connect both on-campus and off.  As Raeleigh Breaux, an officer with Collin County Community College (TX) chapter of Psi Beta, notes, “I use Facebook everyday. It allows me to keep in touch with all my friends from high school. People used to say that you don’t stay friends with everyone you were friends with in high school, because they move and go their separate ways. Well, with Facebook and MySpace, that’s just not true anymore. Facebook also reminds me of birthdays and special events.”

In fall 2008, Psi Beta launched pages on these popular sites as a way of offering members across the country an opportunity to interact. The Facebook site provides a wall for members to post messages to the group and allows members to link to one another’s pages. The MySpace site provides information on Psi Beta in general, as well as a number of member and advisor photos and a video introduction to the organization. It is hoped that officers, members and advisors from diverse chapters will join as friends of these Psi Beta sites and enhance the organization for both the purpose of collaborative ventures and increasing collegiality across campuses and regions. Please visit these new home pages at the links below:

Psi Beta on Facebook

Psi Beta’s MySpace

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