Stanford Prison Experiment Film Showings and #HeroInTraining

Your chapter can host a screening and conversation about the Stanford Prison Experiment film based on the infamous psychology experiment created by Dr. Philip Zimbardo that inspired the work of the Heroic Imagination Project and encourage your students, school, or community to get involved in the effort to push back against evil and proliferate good in the world.

PLUS receive tools and information on how to become a #HeroInTraining in your school or community! Get your community involved with the Hero Toolkit featuring interactive tools and resources for Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Taking ACTION!

How – Information to rent or buy the DVD for small groups or individuals can be found here:  For campus life groups, we’ve teamed up with IFC films and Swank Motion Pictures to provide Colleges & Universities an exclusive discount for screening the Stanford Prison Experiment Film on campus! Participating schools will receive 20% off their schools contracted screening cost! Sign up and we will connect you with your Swank rep!

In addition, participating schools and groups will receive a #HeroInTraining educational package including:

  • Resources for professors and faculty to use in the classroom in conjunction with the film including academic articles, book chapters, and videos on the power of the situation, heroism, the bystander effect, and more!
  • Film and study FAQ sheet for follow-up conversations
  • Online community for students and faculty
  • Exclusive content from HIP and Dr. Zimbardo for use in your classroom!

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