Stark State College Psi Beta “Students Serving Students” Food Pantry Initiative

The Stark State College (North Canton, OH) Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society is proud to announce the opening of their “Students Serving Students” Food Pantry.  The pantry officially opened at the beginning of the fall semester and approximately 30 students had been served by the end of October.  Additional campus clubs have volunteered to assist in the initiative so hours can be expanded with the additional coverage.

The Psi Beta students were passionate in their pursuit of seeing this idea become a reality.  Students researched food storage, State and Federal guidelines for food pantries, and protocols used by other institutions.  The students also pitched the idea and facilitation to the institution’s administration.  Their presentations were well planned and the administration was wholly impressed by their commitment to the initiative.  Donation bins are placed throughout the college and donations come from faculty, staff, and students.

It is clear there is a need for these types of initiatives in our community colleges as we serve a highly eclectic population.  The food pantry committee consists of two current members (Rikki Kadri and Theresa Germano) as well as an alumni member (Leah Fenner).  These students would be more than happy to share the experience and their current expertise to any other group interested in replicating this initiative.  Please join me in congratulating these students in not only recognizing an important need in their academic community but also for working diligently to meet that need.

Dr. Bryan Gerber, Assistant Professor
Stark State College Psi Beta Advisor
Psi Beta Midwest Region Vice President

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