Great Collaborations at this year’s SWPA Convention!

Where to begin? The Southwestern Psychological Association’s annual convention took place recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was a phenomenal success!

The Psi Chi/Psi Beta Chapter Exchange was filled with information, resources, and enthusiasm hoping to facilitate and guide career exploration among students. The title of this year’s exchange was Psi Chi & Psi Beta Workshop: What’s Your Problem? Exploring Professional Development in Psychology. Participating chapters included the University of Central Arkansas and Collin College.

Psi Beta National President, Jennifer O’Loughlin Brooks, and Southwestern Regional Vice President, Liza Veliz presented a SWPA Symposium titled Walking the Tightrope: Work-Life Balance Strategies for Women in Academia. The symposium described the inadequate support career women in the United States carry and the guilt about not being able to “do it all.” Strategies such as focusing on self-care, advocating for policies that support family-life balance, and disconnecting from work were presented. Co-presenters included Psi Beta Past President, Katherine Wicks from Blinn College and Psi Beta Advisor Stephanie Tyson from Collin College.

Finally, the Southwestern Psi Beta Region participated in the SWPA awards ceremony. Award winners included Ms. Elaina Eizenzopf, from Collin College for the McGraw Hill-Psi Beta Outstanding Student Scholarship, Ms. Patricia Coble from Colling College for the McGraw Hill-Psi Beta Outstanding Advisor Scholarship for her chapter. The Southwestern Psi Beta Region in collaboration with the American Psychological Association Education Directorate recognized three Psi Beta members for their outstanding academic achievement in the field of psychology; Daniel Vega from Blinn College, Ethan S. Berry from Northwest Vista College, and Kristen Castellano from Lone-Star College Montgomery.

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