Psi Beta hosts Social and Personality Development Symposium

TCI College of Technology, New York City

On Wednesday, 25 February, 2015, thirty students and faculty attended the winter induction ceremony of the Psi Beta Chapter at Technical Careers Institute (TCI), New York. Professor Samvel Jesmaridian inducted nine new members into the Psi Beta chapter at TCI. This was followed by a symposium on Social and Personality Development, moderated by Professor Mark Gomes. Five TCI students presented their research findings: Shandra Grantham-Powell (Teaching 5-year-old Autistic Children), Gordon Raymond (Albert Ellis’ Psychotherapy Method REBT), Thomas Johnson (Character Disturbances according to Dr. Simon), Naheem Quattlebaum, (Neuropsychology of the First Impression), and Tiffany Williams (Childhood Development through Relationships). Professor Elise Kiregian, the conference chair, noted that such conferences advance students’ critical thinking tremendously. Professor Mark Gomes praised the students for their good work and gave valuable instructions for their further research to participate at regional and national conferences on psychology. Two of the chapter’s members are planning to participate at the APS Conference in New York City, in May 2015. The Director of TCI Student Activities, Mr. David Murphy, encouraged the students morally and provided dinner for the conference participants. All the participants developed the idea that Psi Beta at TCI — as the first Psi Beta chapter in Manhattan — can serve as a model for other colleges in the city.

By Samvel Jesmaridian, Ph.D.
Eastern Regional Vice-President, Psi Beta

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