The President’s Message

Hello fellow Psi Beta members!

In my letter posted in the Psi Beta Fall 2008 Newsletter, I informed you of some exciting and important changes that were taking place with Psi Beta. Now is your time to take action!

Now that the spring semester is in full swing and your chapters are busy holding meetings and events on your campuses and in your regions, it is time for your efforts to be recognized.  The National Council wants to acknowledge what you are doing and encourage you to apply for our annual awards – particularly the new PSI BETA CHAPTER EXCELLENCE AWARD that is open to all chapters.  This award is non-competitive and there are no limits to the number of chapters that can be honored with this recognition each year.  The application process is quite easy!  I encourage all active chapters to apply as this award provides an opportunity for your chapter to be recognized both locally and nationally as well as to promote your chapter and attract more members.

Another new award to consider is the JOHNSON/COUSINS BUILDING BONDS AWARD. This new award will be presented for the first time this spring. The award was created specifically to recognize and honor a Psi Beta and a Psi Chi chapter who actively work together to establish and accomplish a common goal through collaboration on activities and/or events that serve to meet the goals of honor society membership.

Of course, there are also other awards available for your chapters or individual chapter members, including the ANN E. GARRETT ROBINSON COLLEGE LIFE AWARD, THE CAROL TRACY COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD, THE PEARSON EDUCATION/PSI BETA RESEARCH PAPER AWARDS, AND THE VIRGINIA STAUDT SEXTON FACULTY ADVISOR AWARD. I have heard from many chapters and advisors who have told me of some very exciting, educational, and fun activities they are doing and Psi Beta wants to honor you through these awards. Details regarding qualification and application for all Psi Beta National Awards can be found on the Awards link here on the Psi Beta website.

We continue our efforts to promote collaborative efforts with Psi Chi.  Increases in joint sessions at regional and national conferences, the creation and promotion of the Johnson/Cousins Building Bonds Award, the efforts for local sister chapters to engage in joint activities/events, and the planning of the 4th National Psi Beta/Psi Chi Synergy Conference to be held in Florida this fall, are all serving to enhance this collaboration between the two honor societies. Both national councils are continuing to work together to encourage a smooth transition for Psi Beta members into Psi Chi chapters upon transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

So, as your semester winds down, after we have been rejuvenated during spring break and before we are all deeply entrenched in final exams, take a moment to review the national awards and encourage your chapter members to apply.  Again, we want to showcase your chapters and recognize all that you do that makes Psi Beta a vibrant and valuable honor society in which we are all so proud to be a member.

Best Regards,

Laura J. Bittner

Laura Bittner, MS, LCPC

Psi Beta National President

Carroll Community College

Westminster, Maryland

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