U.S. Veterans in the Focus of Psi Beta Students

Psi Beta students continue their service for U.S. military servicemen. A month ago, Psi Beta students engaged in community service at Veterans’ Hospital of New York. Psi Beta members Shandra Powell, Gordon Raymond, and Thomas Johnson visited the hospital. They had close and warm conversations with the U.S. veterans who have served our country and protected our lives in different geographical locations across the globe. The interactions between Psi Beta students and the veterans were very touching. Their expressions of gratitude were really selfless and rewarding after the students distributed baggies with toiletries to the veterans.

As a continuation, this chapter’s Psi Beta students of New York also participated in Operation S.A.V.E. training on Suicide Prevention. S.A.V.E. strategies include 1) recognizing signs of suicidal thinking, 2) asking the right questions, 3) validating the veteran’s experience, and 4) encouraging treatment and expediting getting help. The training took place at TCI College of Technology and was organized by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs together with the Psi Beta chapter. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Yvette Branson. Ten Psi Beta students successfully participated in the workshop and received certificates of completion. This kind of activity can recognize and serve our veterans better.

By Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD
Psi Beta’s Eastern Regional Vice President

PsiBeta Student and US Veteran talking

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