Division 45 of the American Psychological Association Launches Virtual Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program Committee for Division 45 is very excited to share with you our 2018 Virtual Mentorship Program! This year our mentors are offering a wide range of inspiring topics. All of them have graciously offer two one-hour sessions across two weekends to meet with interested mentees online. Most of the first one-hour session will be a brief presentation on the topic, and the second one-hour session will be in a more informal setting where you can ask follow up questions about the first session and develop a closer relationship with the mentors.

If you would like to join the sessions and connect with the mentors, please fill out this form to sign up! Please take a moment to review the Program Schedule.  This is a working document so feel free to bookmark it and check back for updates.

If you won’t be able to attend a session or would like to access previous sessions, you can find the recordings of all mentorship sessions and webinars at: http://division45.org/cnpaaemi-leadership-development-institute-webinars/

Mentorship Topics include:

  • Navigating Diversity Issues
  • Time Management in Graduate School
  • Opportunities to Nourish Advocacy and Leadership Skills
  • Career Pathways in School Psychology
  • Clinical-Community Psychology Pathways and Work/Life Balance
  • Degree Earned: Transitioning from Grad School to Post-doc to Thriving Faculty
  • Creating Your Niche
  • The Psychology of Marginalized Families
  • Internship and Self-Care
  • How to Create a Mutual Connection with a Mentor
  • How to Get Published
  • Health Psychology
  • Grants, Fellowship Applications, and Getting Published


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me (ctao5@asu.edu) or Yue Li (li515@iu.edu) for any questions or feedback!

Chun Tao, M.S., Arizona State University

Yue Li, M.S., Indiana University Bloomington

Division 45 Mentorship Program Committee


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