Welcome Back to Campus!

I always think of fall as the beginning of a new year.  With the exception of about 9 years (pre-kindergarten and a few years between undergraduate and graduate school) I have either been a student or worked on an academic campus.  Every September I begin to think about the New Year’s resolutions I want to make for the upcoming year.  This year I will get my office organized…or this year our chapter will launch a new leadership-training program.  Fortunately, we can benefit from all the things we learned in Introduction to Psychology and make sure that those resolutions are achievable!

I think many of our chapters face similar opportunities.  The fall semester represents a new year; often with new leadership and hopefully with new members and a new excitement for what is to come.  What are some of the resolutions you have for your chapter this year? It’s not much different on the national level either.  As the “new” president of Psi Beta’s National Board, I am excited about all of the things that we have planned for you this year.  Some of them are featured in this issue of the newsletter and others are down the road a bit – but regardless we are all excited for the year ahead and look forward to working together.

It has been a real treat to talk with and learn from the many student members of Psi Beta. I am always excited to hear about what they are doing, even after leaving their community college.  Keeping up with you is a bit easier now that we are on Facebook.  I invite you to stop by: Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology.  Like us, friend us, and most important, tell us what you like best about being a member of Psi Beta.  It is a great place to chat with other members of Psi Beta and perhaps create some new collaborative opportunities.

If you would like to download the entire Fall 2011 Newsletter, click here.

Have a great year!


Robin Musselman, EdD
President, Psi Beta National Council
Professor of Psychology
Lehigh Carbon Community College
Schnecksville, PA 18078

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