What’s Hot at Psi Beta!!

Jerry Rudmann, PhD
Executive Director

Psi Beta Student Research Poster Session at APA!
Psi Beta’s first-ever student research poster session was held on Saturday, August 14th during the annual meeting of the American Psychological Conference held in San Diego, CA. During this session, over 45 students presented 31 posters depicting a variety of psychological studies conducted at their respective community colleges. The session was so successful that Psi Beta will offer another student research poster session during the upcoming APA conference to be held in Washington D.C. in August, 2011. We strongly urge Psi Beta students to attend APA and present their research. Students who submit their poster title and abstract prior to APA’s conference submission deadline (December 1st, 2010) will have their name and research title listed in the official convention program. Students who miss the deadline will still have time to submit their proposals in the spring of 2011, but will not be listed in the official program. All Psi Beta poster session presenters will receive attractive certificates of recognition confirming their participation in a professional conference – definitely something to place in one’s curriculum vita! To submit a poster proposal by the December 1st deadline, go to the APA website (http://apa.org) and submit through the conference proposal process. Psi Beta will issue a call-for-proposals directly to all chapter advisors in the spring, and will have a proposal link on the Psi Beta website (http://psibeta.org) under “What’s Hot” early this spring.

New Psi Beta Promotional Brochure Available
Psi Beta’s graphic artist has designed a new promotional brochure. The brochure, which can be downloaded and printed from the Psi Beta website, explains Psi Beta’s many benefits for members and chapter advisors. Professors and students at colleges without a Psi Beta chapter can use the brochure to generate interest in starting a new chapter. Membership eligibility criteria are also included on the brochure.

Third Annual National Research Project Launched
Psi Beta’s National Council is pleased to announce the 2010-11 national research project. Psi Beta’s national research projects provide a way for Psi Beta students, especially students attending community colleges not offering a research methods course, to participate in an actual study. Psi Beta students can use the study’s data to prepare APA style research reports and posters that can be presented at local, regional, or national conferences. The 2009-10 national study on personal happiness gathered data on over 900 participants and a Psi Beta member who used the data for her report, Susan Wensley, won first place in the Pearson / Psi Beta annual student research paper competition!

The focus for this year’s project is “college connectedness.” A number of nationally recognized researchers (e.g., Astin) have described the various factors that contribute to the ability of college students to persist and reach graduation. The extent to which a new college student feels a sense of social and academic connection to college can be an important factor in the decision to persist or withdraw from college. The national study involves having members of the target population (first year, fulltime college students) complete the College Connectedness Questionnaire (designed specifically for this study), the Big 5 Personality Inventory, and a shyness scale. Student researchers will be able to baseline the level of college connection expressed by students at their college, and test several different hypotheses regarding possible relationships between personality and campus connection. The study has been approved by the IRB at Irvine Valley College. Participating chapters must notify Psi Beta’s Executive Director of their intention to participate by December 1st, 2010 (email Jerry Rudmann at jrudmann@ivc.edu). Each chapter is expected to find participants matching the target population (i.e., fulltime, first-year college students), acquire informed consent from the participants, and gather complete data from a minimum of 30 participants. To expedite data-gathering, participating chapters will be asked to submit data through an electronic form available on the Psi Beta national website. The data-gathering phase will end on February 28th. Data files (SPSS and Excel) will be made available to all participating chapters by mid-March.

Chapter Web Pages to Launch this Fall!   
Psi Beta will soon provide chapters with the ability to host and control their own websites. The chapter websites, which will have a Psi Beta “look” will provide an efficient way to communicate chapter activities (e.g., days, times, and locations of meetings, information about guest speakers, and other chapter events), information on chapter officers and members (e.g., names, titles, photos), meeting agendas and minutes, outstanding chapter and member accomplishments, and other types of chapter information. A tutorial in the form of a video clip will be prepared to assist chapter “webmasters” in setting up their chapter websites. It is expected that chapter websites will replace chapter reports, and will provide a rich source of great ideas and activities for new chapters.  Psi Beta’s executive director, Dr. Jerry Rudmann, will contact all primary advisors when the chapter websites are available. The launch date will be prior the end of the fall 2010 term.

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