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Psi Beta member Colleen Piontek Presents Her Research at WPA 93rd Annual Convention in April 2013

San Diego City College Psi Beta member Colleen Piontek recently presented her research at the WPA convention held in Reno, Nevada.  Below is an abstract of her study.

Previous research indicates that people make emotional associations with color. For example, the color yellow-green was rated as negative, and the color white as positive (Kaya & Hall 2010). Furthermore, priming research indicates that priming a specific trait concept (e.g. color) also activates related concepts; perhaps the emotional response associated with specific color (Mussweiler & Damish 2008). A pilot study examined the influence of involuntary processing of a color on the evaluation of a fictional person’s character. The description originated from the classic Donald study, conducted by E. Tory Higgins et al. in 1977. The forty-eight participants in the pilot study were San Diego City College students. Each student read the printed description of the ambiguously described person on yellow-green or white paper and rated the person’s character on a Likert-Type scale. As predicted, participants gave more positive ratings when the description was printed on white paper (M =5.87, Sd =.96) than when it was printed on a yellow-green (M = 4.7, SD =1.33), p=0.1. The present study seeks to further these findings by adding an additional positive color (yellow) to the priming materials. Participants will be convenience sample of approximately 60 students from San Diego City College. The method used in the pilot study will be followed. The prediction is that participants will give more positive ratings when the description is printed on yellow than when it is printed on white or yellow-green paper. It is also predicted that ratings will be higher when the description is printed on white than on yellow-green paper.

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