2014 Psi Beta Award Winners!

Carol Tracy Individual Community Service Award
Katherine Wilson at Virginia Western Community College
Chapter advisor is Professor Lora Vasiliauskas

Carol Tracy Chapter Community Service Award
Lone Star College – Montgomery
Chapter advisor is Professor Karen Buckman

Virginia Staudt Sexton Faculty Advisor Award
Kimberley Duff, Advisor at Cerritos College
Nominated by Alexandra Gomez

Ann G. Robinson College Life Award
McHenry County College
Advisor is Professor Tersa Bossert
Honorable Mention to Spartanburg Methodist College
Advisor is Professor Mary Jane Farmer

Johnson / Cousins Building Bonds Award
Psi Beta chapter at Collin College and the Psi Chi chapter at University of Texas – Pan American
Advisors are Professors Jennifer O’Loughlin-Brooks (Psi Beta) and Amy A. Weimer (Psi Chi)

Chapter Excellence Awards

  • Carroll Community College – Advisor is Laura Bittner
  • Collin College – Advisor is Joshua Arduengo
  • Irvine Valley College – Advisor is Kari Tucker
  • Las Positas College – Advisor is Ernie Jones
  • Lone Star College – Montgomery – Advisor is Karen Buckman
  • Tarrant County College Northeast – Advisor is Yvonne McCoy
  • San Diego Mesa – Advisor is Jaye Van Kirk
  • Spartanburg Methodist College – Advisor is Mary Jane Farmer
  • Union County College – Advisor is Melinda Norelli
  • Virginia Western Community College – Advisor is Lora Vasiliauskas

Worth / Psi Beta Research Paper Awards

Gold Level

  • 1st  Amalia Krystal Lira, How motivation affects extracurricular involvement, Cerritos College
  • 2nd Sophie Mako Tanaka, The impact of mindset priming on coping with challenges, Irvine Valley College
  • 3rd Antonio Teixeira, The extent of college students’ beliefs in horoscopes and astrology, Irvine Valley College

Silver Level

  • 1st  Kelli Owen, Effects of attitudes toward pornography consumption on relationships, Mesa Community College (AZ)
  • 2nd Alexandra Gomez, The effect of sexual expression on perception of females, Cerritos College
  • 3rd  Megan Puga et al, Color variation of the Mandrill Perinea area related to estrus, Mesa Community College (CA)